Friday, April 28, 2017

May farmgirl blocks

and the May farmgirl blocks are..........

drumroll please........

egg basket
postage stamp
and this one for the gardeners out there.........
click the link and go here

aint she purty?
so for May........
pick one, two, or all three blocks.......

your choice  and post them by the 23rd of the month so I can gather them all up for my post.
I used to have a free linky but not sure if this new computer has the saved info for me to do it.
I will try later when I have a moment
if so I will just let you all link up like "normal" linky parties LOL
but who said I am NORMAL?????  ha ha


Image result for farmgirl postage stamp block  postage stamp.........

Image result for farmgirl egg basket blok

egg basket.

and the garden extra block above.......
cant wait to see them all!

gotta find a gray for my trowel. I may have to "gasp" buy some. not much gray in my stash........
hee hee   I am SURE my friend Jenny Doan will accommodate me LOL

heck maybe I should start on the postage stamp one. I know I have lots of 1 1/2 inch squares from cutting up the rest of the blocks..........hmmmmm
decisions decisions

(confession, I already cut out my purple and pink egg basket block)


  1. I love your pockets especially the garden block. I must find. lol!
    Thank you sew much for sharing.

  2. Oh cute blocks--I am still enmeshed in my THREE projects--PLUS, yes, aNOther one has been added to the ever expanding list:
    a butterfly blocks;-- but I digress, pretty pastels...hugs, Julierose

  3. YAY!!! I look forward to working on these. Thanks, Dawn...I've marked my calendar for the 23rd :)

  4. OMG the garden block is cute, but all of those parts!

  5. can't wait to start the first one, I have done the basket so I guess postage stamp will get done to. I think I need a brake from the quilt I am working on

  6. going to have to do some figuring to make it 12 inchs