Sunday, May 21, 2017

six times eight

my slab quilt rows I think are done

six across

and 8 rows of them

I just need to arrange them
and sew them up

sometimes I see a dark area

sometimes I see a light area
and I would like it to be more

but I think this one is a flimsy
well once I sew the rows together

this is stuff I saved from the trash

I am in BIG trouble with the
yardage I have on the shelf!


  1. Looks nice. Great way to use up "found" fabrics.

  2. Lovely slab quilt you've got going there. I spent an hour cutting my small scraps into 2" squares to use as leader enders...and, like you, my folded large stash remains untouched...what's a gal to do??? hugs, Julierose

  3. Great use of scraps! I love making slab quilts. =) Have you see the new book by Amanda Jean Nyberg, "No Scrap Left Behind?" It has great ideas on how to use up scraps. I love Amanda Jean's ideas and have been following her blog, Crazy Mom Quilts, since I first started this quilting journey. I rarely buy books, so I thought I would share that I found a good one. =)

  4. great use of fabric, cost to much to throw away!

  5. This is going to be really nice, Dawn.