Friday, June 16, 2017

I am bumming

see these beauties?
yeah they didnt winter over
very well

my yellow one on the other side of the house
though is doing great

but these are brown with no leaves........


so I went to Ocean State Job Lot looking for an
edging tool

but instead found four good looking roses for 5 dollars each

so guess what I will be planting and digging up

am hoping I can be a better Mama to them..........


  1. Oh I hate that when things don't winter over well. I never had that problem in Oregon, but here....lots of things need to be really babied. Sounds like a great deal on the roses though.

  2. My roses and my pansies didn't Winter over at all and I lost a lot of lilies, too. But...
    I think some critters (let's say those durn chipmonks!!) ate some of them, too. We are overrun this year with them..uck the only cute chipmonk is I won't say it--uhh Alvin is ok lol...
    Hope your new roses do well--my neighbor burlaps hers and stacks leaves around them....good luck hugs, Julierose

  3. I lost a lot to the drought last year, and my roses get eaten up by deer. Smaller flowers by bunnies