Sunday, June 25, 2017

selvages are fun

I am having fun playing in the selvages
and this was made with all the colored circles...........
how fun is this?

this mug rug was made with some white ones
for a clean looking image

and this will make TWO mugrugs
as they were longer and fun
look at the fun birds

do you use YOUR selvages?

I would LOVE to make myself a selvage tote bag.
wouldnt that be fun?


  1. They are just lovely--I like both the circles and the plain ones--hugs, Julierose

  2. yes and thanks for your contribution to my selvage stash Julie love them!

  3. I have some some-one gave me a few years ago , most of mine go into the trash

  4. Hey! Thanks for the heads-up in your recent comment on my blog. I hadn't seen it yet, and may never have seen it if you hadn't so kindly alerted me. Now, about these selvages...I save them and don't use them. I used to give them to a friend, but she no longer wants them, so I will be happy to send a squishy package to you every now and then. Just let me know!