Thursday, September 21, 2017

more fun inspiration

this was a trip around the world for Christmas

and this panel was an awesome attic window
see the zipper quilt on the right?  how fun

this was all embroidered
and was so cute

loved this one with all the HST
and the colors were gorgeous too

I was very inspired.
so far this week I have put the top together for
my granddaughters quilt
made a few little secret projects
made 4 pillowcases for Texas

I am working on some other Christmas
projects too 

so far so good and my listing
of to do's have been
crossed off as I go.

what are you up to?

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

and more down the next row of the show........

this was an interesting veggie quilt

and the colors on this were so vibrant

they drew you in to see the gorgeous quilting

and look who was hiding in the leaves.
my brother would LOVE this one!

this is another peek at what we got at the show
yeah I know
I am not a flames kinda gal
but my boss is...........she is a 60 year old Harley Mama
and I am thinking a cute little project like a zip bag outta
this will be cute for her for Christmas
and if I play my cards right maybe I can eek out
TWO matching things if I pair it with the right kinda

we will see..........

look at this.........this is the bag all sorted or I should say
I took all the larger pieces and put them in with my colors
and then the lights all went into a bin of their own 
good thing I had extra bins

above is the strips and parts dept
that is a top of a paper box
and it is heaped about 6 inches high
see why I am having some fun?
strips and cut pieces and on the bottom some
presewn things too for fun

this is FULL of light prints and solids
and pieces

everyone KNOWS you cant get in new (to me) fabric
and not play!
and to think all this was under ten dollars..........
maybe less  

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

grayola challenge continued

this was a fun one for the grayola challenge
look at those beautiful points......

and the quilting     oh my..........
some of the others were not so beautifully executed
but it was fun to see the colors they picked out of the bag
and what they did with them

this was a quilt I loved..........and 

at the same time Jacky was at this one 
the Fall color version
ha ha

these were beautiful table runners
they had someone come in and teach
pretty pretty............

and I played with this
why? not sure  because it was there
and the elephant is cute
and I can  LOL
not even sure what I am making
maybe a cute bag

then I took my blue strips
and sewed them for my star quilt
Babs of wonttobequilter is trying
to show me up LOL
she makes a quilt in an hour it seems
and is starting this one too
WAY after I started mine
so I should get busy right?

and another cute piece I found
yeah it has something to do with the quilt show
you see Jacky and I got some treasures
and I am having fun
(quiet Jacky I will work on Christmas)

this will be a cute lil mugrug with that Hawaiian
love it!

and I had NO idea what to do with that strip of
pink and red horses
so I used it in a cat mat start

this is strip pieced onto batt
and needs a back and binding
I am thinking I will slab the back out of
not so loved fabrics and see how she goes

the cats wont mind..........
what are YOU making?
what is inspiring YOU today?

Monday, September 18, 2017

quilt show fun

Sun Jackie and I went to a quilt show
it is right up the street from us about 5 minutes

we saw this quilt and our jaws dropped.......OMG how
Jacky was studying it as you can see LOL

then I RAN over to this one. 
I have this panel
and I LOVE the way they did it
I dont have any of those fabrics
but it gives me ideas

they had these little name tags for the ladies
working the show
so cute

this was neat with a blue and scraps
folded to the front and stitched

and the detail on this Baltimore was to die for
there were no words to describe its beauty

see? some of these pieces were under 1/4 inch!
and of course the quilting was impeccable too

this one was so adorable.

and they had a grayola challenge
they picked 3 crayons
and HAD to add gray
but COULD add white and black
the quilts were very interesting

this was a beautiful whole cloth

so so fun.
I will show more tomorrow..........

Sunday, September 17, 2017

panels for a quick finish?

another panel I need ideas for
I need to get some kind of berry
or branches on material
and make some blocks
with maybe fussy cut 
cardinals in the center


I also have some of those tree
panels that you quilt up 
and then add the lights

those may be fun too

next week I am on vacation so will see how the
workshop of Dawnies elves goes.......
Maybe Dunkin will sew a little instead
of sleeping in there LOL

Saturday, September 16, 2017

pumpkin fun

I wonder if one of my slab pumpkins 
and some maple leaves
would make a cute topper like this

naw  I guess I will settle for this.
you think I should be a table topper?
or a pillow?


Friday, September 15, 2017

sis in law drinks wine

a nice bottle of wine
in a holder like this

may fit the bill for sis in law

I think this would be a quick gift

what do you think?
in a cute Christmasy fabric

here is the pattern if you need to make some

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Sept is shaping up projectwise

another pumpkin slab project
I still have some pumpkins made
and some smaller slabs too
I may need to do a mega pumpkin day
and get them made into something
I have lots of Fall birthdays
and a table topper or pillow just may fit the bill
for a cute gift
I love how these came together out of scraps
and the 3 1/2 inch squares were gifted to me
so basically a freebie gift
gotta love it!

one gift for the cats.........check and into the
gift box
I wish I had another panel to make a second one like this
I love how it came out
it just sort of fell into place on my mat
as I was sorting stuff
that light blue square in the center? yeah I noticed
afterwards it has a white cat on it

may need to make some little toys now
and another mat 
after all I have TWO cats LOL

this is almost ready for me to play with layout and sew
them up
question is one top or two
thinking mother daughter lap quilts........

and these blocks are finally sewn into a top
hubs goes WOW all those pieces LOL
he likes the more orderly planned quilts
like the pink and purple one

bit I think this will make a nice warm cuddle snuggle quilt
wish I had a longarmer who rented longarm time on a machine
so I could book a few hours and sew some up
and get them done
I am starting to accumulate some tops

I would have Christmas all wrapped up if
I could do that!

what are you playing with today in your sewing room?

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

today started out awful

 today was not a good day. it started out with the
cat puking all over my couch.
not sure which one but thinking Phoebe

I cleaned that up, went in and sewed up the 
white on the purple and pink quilt and then
went to take my shower to go to work

I hear water
nobody is running water

yay the water heater is spewing 
water all over the place

so I call in to work and then the plumber
at 9 am still no call from plumber
so I call back
they send someone to shut off the water heater
and then will come back to fix it
I told them to get a quote on a new one
from the office
so they did and came back and put it in

so by 3 pm I had hot water
while I was waiting I sewed
and as I told Jackie I was so upset 
I cleaned my sock drawer.
she cracked up.
I said no when I am mad I can
knit like crazy or get lots done
see the panel above?
it had these brown triangle edges that I cut off

so I took them and sewed them to some
2 1/2 inch squares I had sewn into a strip and 
trimmed it to fit
voila`  one cat mat 

see? this was the trimming from the panel

this was blue backing I used to use it up

and I found binding that was leftover and worked

see how cute?

one little project done

then I had more time so I went through my
UFO bins just to revisit 
and I found my 8 inch slab blocks
they were sewn into rows
so I sewed the rows into a top
so many fun fabrics in this

from chickens and eggs

to salt and pepper shakers

to patriotic stars

to leftover tears from my heart
to Colette


Dunkin spent some time checking it out
and taking the softness test
to make sure it is comfy

I also sewed the binding on this table topper
so into the washer it goes

I guess when I am mad and have a  bad day
I can get a lot accomplished.
white borders on pink purple blocks
cleaned up sock drawer
cleaned out cat litter boxes
sewed blocks for slab quilt
made cat mat
finished table topper

and got a new water heater.


eight is enough

how many of you an remember the show
eight is enough?
come know  you do
I am not the only one right?

anywho, this morning eight was enough
I cut out the white strips for 8 blocks
and sewed them up
then laid them out to see what I had

I think I only have 5 more blocks to sew
which I am hoping to get to tomorrow

then I will pick and choose
the blocks for the quilt
and see what I have left
not sure if I will like it with the
rose reds in a seperate quilt
or not
because sometimes you need contrast

but once they are all sewn I will see

right now I have 34 blocks sewn
I didnt think I had that many. 
I guess I made close to 40 total