Sunday, October 8, 2017

the youngest niece

this bag is so darned adorable
I dont know what would be harder to make
the nail polish wall hanging
or this (without a pattern)
LOVE this bag and I think youngest niece would too
she is 14 
I am thinking the seams would be so so thick on this
otherwise I would give it a shot

these are so cute
I may get some sticks in the back and have
the great nephew make some Christmas gifts
for those on his list

I have tons of yarn and can hot glue them and tie
at the corners

and this makes my heart sing
how cute is this red truck mug rug

maybe if I am REALLY really good
Santa will bring me one........


  1. The bag is cute. The yarn Christmas trees are a great idea also. Love that little truck with tree.

  2. me to love them all but my fave is the truck with the tree

  3. The bag would be a great gift for a teenager. Too bad you don't have a pattern for it.

    The sticks & yarn project would be a fun activity to do with your great nephew.