Saturday, November 18, 2017

Friday, November 17, 2017

through the eyes of a child

these were the idea we got from pinterest
and the hot gluing of them was painful! LOL
(ask me how I know)

anywho, we had the kiddos paint the hat and snowman part
then go on to another project while they were drying

dont you just love the version on the left?

today I am thankful for seeing the world
thru a childs eyes......

Thursday, November 16, 2017

what are your fav and not so fav quilting tools?

I tried my hand at making some spool doilies
made one of yarn
and one of thread
not sure which I like the best
what do you think?

one of my favorite tools is this bobbin holder
I like to grab all my bobbins and wind them
I usually use white thread so white it is
then when I need one I just plop it in and 
keep the pedal to the metal

I also like this "pin keeper"
very high tech around here LOL
you know what it is?
the top of one of those Yankee candles
they come in handy to hold pins as I throw them off to the side
while sewing
it is heavy enough that they dont tip over
and I dont have to stick them in something
just throw em in there

and it FITS right inside my bobbin holder so handy 
dont you just love neat tools?

what do you think?
which do YOU like better?

and what are some of your favorite 
and not so favorite quilting tools?

sometimes we buy a tool
only to try it and not like it
have any of those around?
no of course not!

lookie what I got delivered!
a NEW tree
one of those skinny ones but 7 feet tall
so I think I can put regular size ornaments on it
the little desktop one could only do
the little one inch ornaments


today I am thankful for simple 
tools like the spool doily and the 
Yankee candle top that doubles
as a pin holder.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

I now have THREE Christmas boxes lol

I have this picture made into a canvas for my niece
that just got married

had a blanket made of this pic of the 5 granddaughters
for my Dad

have this one ready to quilt for granddaughter

have these done for brother
(thanks Jacky!)

working on this for other brother

this is also in the deer pile for brother

made some fun little mugrugs

made some special ornaments for niece
for her new house and their first
Christmas there

made the cats some new mats

did a little canning of applesauce
and some caramel apple jam

got Mickey done for youngest grandson

started on some basket ideas

and the next door neighbors who love to watch the deer out back

I guess I have a lot done so far........
so much still to do with a big family
but I am grateful for what I have accomplished so far

today I am thankful for a long list of family and friends
that I want to share Christmas with.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

whats going on around here

these late bloomers got a shock
as the temperature went down in the 20s
and there was frost on them
I guess that is the end of the blooms now

I ordered a camo fab from Jenny 
you know Jenny my friend from Missouri Star


so this can be layered and quilted and bound
then that brother can be finished up
for Christmas  
(no not mafia style finished up........I mean
his gifts will be done silly)

and I am waiting to see  how I can make some of these 
ornaments out of salt dough

I didnt have time at the ornament making party

I am thankful for fun times with family
and friends.......having fun together and laughing and
making memories

Monday, November 13, 2017


here are my two nieces helping me with the kiddos
they were so intent on their projects

just look at those faces working hard

this is Quincy.
she was painting her bag

and her brother Tanner
he loved the stickers
and was putting some on his snowflake

Landon was painting away
mixing colors and finding out how they 
make other colors

this was a lantern with stickers
it has a battery light

these were snowmen
CD ornaments and Popsicle stick snowflakes
that snowman has one HUGE nose LOL

Landon made his fingers into snowmen
for his grandmother whom he calls Mimi
his Mom was heartbroken......
she wanted this one.
looks like we may need another date LOL

snowflakes with glitter

ceramic ornaments all painted

these were easy and cute
those little lights from dollar store
pompoms and pipe cleaner earmuffs
then put on googly eyes and paint dots for mouth
so simple
and so so cute

a marble type ball ornament

Quincy with her bucket of finished ornaments

and with her cookies and some wrapping bags
so she can give as gifts

Tanner with his wrapping and ornaments
he is so quiet but was smiling ear to ear

Landon joined in with his bucket

all three Picasos.......

and these are my nieces Christmas gifts this year
snowmen made of two glass containers from dollar store
and some cool hat ornaments from WalMart
buttons and puffy paint finish them off
so so cute
she is going to add some fleece scarves
so so cute
and a fun fun day was had by all.........
I may have to do this again!

I am thankful for a glimpse of life through the eyes of a child

Sunday, November 12, 2017

the quilt I want to like

see this quilt?
yeah I like it from the front

but not so much from the back

this was the challenge quilt I was talking about
from day one it was a mess

but these cute little monkeys look cute peeking
out on the back
and I have a small piece big enough for a matching bib
if I want

I got these pieces from the bag at the quilt show
for a dollar
I have already used SO MUCH of the pieces
I have not made a dent but 
have gotten my dollars worth 

once I get the binding sewn down on the back
I will wash it and see if I like it any better
heres hoping.......

binding done
now to wash it
fingers crossed I will like it

today I am thankful for a stash that allows
me to be creative while shopping in my sewing room.........

Saturday, November 11, 2017

what the heck are those?

what are these you ask?
they are huge
see my hands for reference
they are "knitting needles" made of pvc pipe
I kid you not

see? they are tall too.
my niece is letting me borrow them
to hopefully finish the FOUR afghans
I need for the nieces
yeah I KNOW.......I always tried to be the 
(failed miserable though)

this is the one I am working on 
after the size 50 knitting needles with circular
came in
I waited and waited and had a hard time fitting
them on my other needles
I was afraid to lose stitches

see? It makes this chunky type pattern
because the yarn is so big
the nieces all love it
and wanted one
so I have a HUGE box of yarn
in my living room
where else do you put a box of 24 skeins?

of THIS stuff.
I had gotten 8 skeins of it to try out
and started this one

and then it was on SALE online
and I got them for 7 bucks a skein!
they are normally TEN
so I was a happy girl
and got white
and another gray
and a light blue
and I think a beige color
I dont even remember but I think
the girls will love them 

I am thankful for great sales at just the right time.......

Friday, November 10, 2017

I was texted

I was texted and told
that the day after Thanksgiving
I have one of these coming to me
from Maine

I am thankful for thoughtful


Thursday, November 9, 2017


I need to make a small pillow with this saying on it
for one of my brothers

he is making me this for Christmas
a squirrel feeder that I wanted
I have the glass jar when I finish up the pickles
pickle anyone? lOL

he is the brother on the left in this picture
the quiet one

my nieces Dad

and he threw me for a loop last year
while I made this bear quilt for my Dad
saying my Dad hates bears
so I had to get a deer panel and make it reversible LOL

this was the back of HIS deer quilt last year

yeah THESE quilts

went to the two brothers in the pic above
my baby brothers is in the works
I know Colette
you COULD come and HELP me with it you know LOL
hopefully that one will be DONE this year

but anyway 
for THIS brother I am making a "bear necessities" basket
what is that you say?
well, the bear lover and hunter that he is I decided to
make a basket with bears
I was lucky enough to find a 
spatula and silicone baking mat of camo
I KNOW  how cool is that? for a brother who
hunts and cooks?
he EVEN can make pies ladies and IS SINGLE
just sayin.........
I found a bear shaped sign that says
please dont feed the bears even if they tell you to
and am thinking maybe honey
Teddy bear grahams
claw thingies to shred meat
and maybe some bear claw pastries
what do you think?
any other good "bear ideas"

I wrote a poem too

This basket has bear necessities
the kind you want and need
you know that black animal
that you insist you must feed?

A little honey to sweeten things
and a camo spatula and pad
are ingredients for some goodies
that you will make so rad

Other handy dandy gifts
are included in here too
from Big Sis to my brother
Merry Christmas to you!

I am thankful for the ability to make poems
on a dime and for friends who give 
me good ideas..........