Monday, March 27, 2017

my farm is growing.....

I got these pears done and I loved them!
I can see a pear quilt
I can ........

then proceeded to cut my barn
and all the while I was cutting 
I was thinking how can I put
some kids in the barn playing?
especially Moms fabric

so I picked out some pinky red
weathered wood and yes the left 
side has a more weathered side
(used the back.......on purpose uh hem 
of course LOL)
put the hay in the loft
and two bratty boys in the windows

and made my door 3D
so that you can peek in at the girls
and the cats
playing too

dont the boys look like they are gonna
try and harass the girls? LOL
yep, just like at home 

here is a closer look.
love it!!!! 

and here are half of my blocks............

and now the other half.

so so happy to have March's blocks
of pears and barn done

how is YOUR farm coming? 

I will post everyones progress at the end of the month
those teeny scraps are starting
to look great! the blocks are only 6 inches

linking up with Beth of lovelaughquilt

Sunday, March 26, 2017

and I played again...........

I am liking this book
there are some really cool patterns
of course they are all different sizes
but that is ok

this was from some leftover squares
and two more HST
I like this one too........
kinda like dark on one side and light on
the other

see the size difference?
but they are still helping
me bring color
into the dreary snowy
winter that wont leave

color can surely cheer you up!
what are you working on?

Saturday, March 25, 2017

using it up

as I was straightening out my room a bit I found
I had forgotten all about it
so I looked inside
and said hmmmm
I have some HST that need trimming

and some new block loc rulers to try out

and this pattern called to me
so I set out to trim and grab some strips

and this bright block was born......

another block to play in the UFO block stack

They do not interest me right now
so I figure if I make some
new blocks
maybe a quilt will start to call to me...........

" come to the me up.........."
Yeah I know
it is scary to hear voices
hee hee

Friday, March 24, 2017

oh my stars

this started out as 4 star blocks

and I thought of sashing and cornerstones in brights

and then played with more squares
which do you like better?

I need it to be gender neutral.........

here kitty

be still my heart.
I have been looking for some of these
fun tins so that I can store some 
blocks in progress in them
I have a Christmas one with my 
farmgirl blocks
and need more for those other projects
how fun that I saw these adorable kitties
at the grocery store 
for 6.99
I KNOW! so I scoffed one
and may go back for more
hey the guys at work wont
mind eating the chocolates for me

and now to figure out what to do with these strips which
are overloading the zip bag
even if I SIT on it, it wont close  hee hee

Thursday, March 23, 2017

drum roll please.........and the next farmgirl blocks are....

the farmgirl blocks for April are
Simple star block..........

here is mine cut out.
I am thinking the yellow for background
since all my backgrounds are differnt
I will sash them I think
we will see when I get further along.........

and Mama hem block

so two April blocks are Simple Star and Mama Hen

because I feel like I am so behind
I did my cherry block..........

and partially sewed my blueberry block LOL

gooseberries to come I think

So far our "official blocks" have been.......
Jan  cow and milkcan
Feb   strawberry and pumpkin
Mar barn and pears
April simple star and Mama hen

this is just a guide. I have been doing my blocks and if time
made two more 
a good way to keep motivated on this sometimes difficult 
to piece quilt

are YOU farming?

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

have you worked with panels

panels can be fun
but can be tricky
they can be a weird size
and a challenge to make them into something nice

My name is Dawn and 
I am addicted to fabric LOL

I bought panels
LOTS of them
see those pretty cardinals? yeah
I have a plan with some black background
Christmassy fabric
that I think will look fabulous
LOVE cardinals!

see this panel?  I have it for the back of my brothers deer quilt
once I get the front done
(no comments Colette  I know I know
I am the worlds biggest procrastinator)

and this panel
remember it?
it went on the back of another brothers quilt

and the bears went on Dads quilt

these cats?
they joined some of the 16 patch blocks
for my cousins quilt

this Fall panel is in my stash
waiting for inspiration
looks like some cute Fall placemats to me

and this guy I think if I did thru the window
like the deer would be a cute
kids quilt
peeking out at Santa in the yard

this lighthouse is for hubs
hopefully for this Christmas coming 

this is for the back of my Farm girl quilt
Yeah I KNOW she has a tractor block
but this was just so cute
and easy LOL
once I get the 6 inch blocks done for the front
I have a feeling I will be done making blocks LOL

and I have admired these tree ones
that they quilt and put the lights in 
may need to make some for the nieces 
to hang in their houses

how fun........

Have you made anything with panels?
I am thinking I want to make blocks to border
and not just plain borders to make them lap size

If I can get the deer quilt off my back
and the baby star quilt done
I think I will feel better about playing in the panels

who knows? maybe I already have some UFO blocks
to play with
wonder how that blue lighthouse would look
with my Pat Sloan blocks? not sure if the shades will go

maybe if I added some sandy blocks?  

or chicks at the beach? LOL

now THATS an idea 

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

catching up with farmwork.....

I cut and sewed my little pears this morning
had to get back to the farmwork at hand
the month is almost over and I hadn't 
done ANYTHING on them
(I WAS doing 4 blocks a month....sigh)
but I like the pears
(the wonkiness is the seam allowance that will
fix itself once sewn into the quilt)

so then I picked a pinkish red fabric
for my weathered barn
and cut some pieces up
once I finish cutting them I will sew this one
up as well
may try to fit some kids playing in the barn
and thought of another cool thing
what if I made the barn door
BUT made it as a 3d door in the seam
that when you open it 
the kids are playing inside
may have to think a little on that one
but how fun!

once done they will join these 8 blocks 
for a total of 10
at six inches
these would finish at 30 x 12
ugh...........I have a LONNNNNNG way to go

March has been a crazy month and April 
I fear will be no different
many irons in the fire
lots of things to fix
so just plugging along as I can

what are YOU doing on the farm?

how a quilt is born out of play

these 2 1/2 inch squares were gifted to me
and played along with my own squares
I pulled them by color
and sewed them into 16 patches

then I pulled some white background fabric
and some same color fabrics to make
the legs of the stars to match

sometimes the cutting is not the fun part for me
I want to pick it up and sew
but this was a task that needed to be done
so I cut for a few hours
not all are done but I got a few ready to sew
into stars
(like my design floor? LOL)

and voila
two little stars

then four little stars  hee hee
um what deer quilt???
(shamefully hangs head because that 
project has stalled yet again)

 I think I am liking this so far
I have in my head that 4 stars will make a cute baby quilt
they are 16 inch blocks
so 32x32 is a decent size
wth border or sashing or both will be a little larger too

then with the other 16 blocks (I have 20 total)
if I do a 4x4 layout
that would be 64x64 or a decent size throw

anyways for now I will play with the stars

I kinda wanted it gender neutral so that 
it is ready to go for the next baby shower