Monday, June 18, 2018

Farmgirl early

Hello there farmgals
well I managed to get TWO of the three blocks done
soo I guess not too bad LOL
I am SOOOOOO bad at finishing
probably because this quilt has taken so many turns as to 
how I will finish it

but anywho………..

For the month of JULY

we will be making 


What Dunkin!  why you hiding your head?????

and um showing me your backside...…..LOL
"Mom all those little pieces...…..WHY?"

what YOU TOO Pheebes?????

I guess they like the granny squares LOL
and know that the farmgirl quilt is NOT for them! LOL

whats on YOUR farm?

almost reminds me of years ago playing Farmville.
DId anyone do that? my little niece who was 9 at the time got a kick out of that
she used to play on my farm and put things on my acreage

so funny...…….

Oh my pieces

I played with more
Of these minis

Because now I have this........

And a bare patio table

And these  right outside the screenroon
Would look so nice on the table

Here is where it starts folks....
and the playing with colors 
Almost better than my 64 pk crayolas
What are you making?

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Sunday, June 17, 2018

What would quilters do

I need some quick reunion prizes
Should I make a basket of these?

Some tins with magnets?

Tissue holders with chapstick keychains?

Some bags?

Microwave bowls?

If you played a game and won
What would YOU like to win
Or should I go easy way out with dollar scratch tickets????

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Oh granny

How do itsy bitsy little pieces
That normal people would toss
Become such cute blocks?

You arrange them.......

And voila! These beauties happen
I STILL don't know what I am making
But I like them
Thinking of raiding the 2.5 inch squares
And see if the sizes would go together

I am lovin the granny squares at the 

What pattern has caught your fancy?

Friday, June 15, 2018

My whole week was spent with 1 1/2 squares

These 2 were lots of help
As you can see
Are they tuckered out from helping?
Or just lazy.....I'll never tell

These are so much fun
And use so little   grrrrr
I LIKE making them so for now
Will make when I want to
(OR when Jacky twists my arm till it hurts)
Have no plan for them
But I had a dream......
What if......I made some of 2.5 inch
Squares and some of 5 inch.......
OR  Made these in multiples
And use them 
as the color
in a larger one
Can I hit the lottery and open
Up a quilt shop so I can play?

Jacky made me these for my
Reunion box
So cute
I will try and make more

This is the 1.5 container
This little amount will
Probably make ten or more blocks
I just know it..........

How are you playing with your fabric?

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Challenge Thursday

I am using this fabric
For my "black" border
Your border can be a medium
If it is a different color from your blocks

So I will be stripping

This is basically a free quilt
For me
And if it comes together as fast
As I think , it will make a nice gift 
For the giftbox
I dont think sis in law got a 
Lapquilt yet.......
Unless I cant part with it

I am seam challenged at the moment
So ironing them open to see
If it makes a difference for me

I have a few blocks sewn up
And will have to get the blue

This is mine so far....
Watch out for rows 5 and 6 I am told
Too bad this gal really messed up
With sizes. If she had done it out ahead
It would really be fast

Check out the directions to sew them together
We are not matching the ends
We are matching the joins and trimming ends

These beauties are Rosemary's
Love these 
Wouldnt a scrappy one look awesome with
Scrappy strips....oh if this were easier to join.....

We will need to cut 40 strips 2.5 x 14 of a dark

How is your challenge coming along?

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Regrouping for a bit

This needs batting and getting finished

Same here and the addition of a doll

These need to be worked on
Uses up tons of scrap as the strips are
Multi sized
The last strip is wider so I can trim
To size
This was a quilt I saw ohhhhhh
A hundred years ago lol
The center was all these 
Blocks and a wide applique border
With a vine and flowers on it
It was so neat

If I dont want to make that maybe I will
Measure my outside table and make a topper for the screenroom
We will see........

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Nothing here but us squares......or is there

This container held pretzels.
I brought it to work and the guys 
Went nuts. So my empty container
Came home and I was happy.....
A new free container for some fabric!
Since my imaginary friend 
Got me started on this.......
I started cutting up some small stash
And putting the 1.5 pieces in here
Yep........gonna fill it 

These guys got made and are sticking to my
Magnet pin dish for now
Gotta paint up the tins that will hold them
And put them in the gift box

They are another fun project
How fun would it be to find letters
Of the alphabet and have a child make
Them once out of school?
And numbers
Or themes like birds
Or flowers etc
Dollar store clear glass that is flat on one side
Is all you need to make around 30 of them
And a magazine you can cut up
A little white glue and some magnets 
I put my pics on with modpodge since 
Jacky had some and then 

Heavy duty round magnets and put on with glass strong glue
Easy peasy
What? WHAT ABOUT my projects?
I am getting these done see?

Monday, June 11, 2018

Off to chase a squirrel

What is it about new projects that 
Grab our attention 
Why is it we flit from one
To another?
Is it boredom?
Do others projects look better than ours?
Are we challenging ourselves?

This one has grabbed me and wont let go
I dont even know what i am making with them!

So much so I started cutting 1.5 pcs
Out of small scraps like 5 inch charms
Or pieces I have tucked into my color bins

What is wrong with me?
Don't answer that!

I will have to challenge myself to make 
One project from start to finish before starting anything
Like THAT is gonna happen!
What craziness  is going on in your sewing room ?  
I may need another project ha ha

Sunday, June 10, 2018

And then there were 3

You know that gal named Jacky?
Yeah my imaginary friend lol
She made these
In pastels......and I made mine in brights
WHY? you ask....
Heck if I know.
But be warned.......

Yeah see?
Mine in the first pic are not ironed
Or trimmed
But oh.......I am in love
So much I am cutting the stash into 1.5 squares
To play......
With the next color combo
Imaginary friends can get you in BIG TROUBLE

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Saturday, June 9, 2018

Did someone say cookies?

Don't these look like thin mint cookies? Lol
They are heavy duty magnets

For these
Yeah that project I started last winter and didnt finish
I need to get out my metal tins and paint them to hold the magnets

And this needs to be a doll quilt with a matching doll

This one is thinner than the green one I did previously so may need to become something else

And this is too long for a mug rug
So I need to think of its future as well
What are you making?

Friday, June 8, 2018

Farmgirl Friday

This is my winter star

Then spring star will be next.

I AM DETERMINED to be a better leader this month lol

How's things on YOUR farm?

These are Jackys blocks
She really likes to Show me up huh?
Just kidding Jacky
Wanna do MY next block? Ha ha

Speaking of trouble.......
This is what I made

Why? Because Jacky made some
What am I making with it?
Who knows but they are cute and fun
And use up 1.5 scraps

Jacky made these 

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Challenge thursday

Here are my 20 ten inch blocks
And some of my light 2.5 strips

Next step is with a light or white jelly roll....or 2 yds fabric

We will need 40 pcs 2.5  at 10 inches.

And 40 pcs 2.5 by 14

And 25.... 2.5 inch squares.
We are using Moda pattern stepping up from the moda bakeshop blog if you want a sneak peak

Dont be intimidated by the layout
We will match the 2.5 sections and trim the edges last

So you have your 20 ten inch blocks right?
And maybe a
 jelly roll or light yardage to cut
Into 2.5 strips then into the 10 and 14 inch lengths 
Easy so far........

Then you will be sewing on 2 sides of ten inch strips.......

Then adding two of the 14 inch strips......

See?  Easy peasy and BIG BLOCKS
to work up quickly.....
Work on making your 14 inch blocks
And the next step will follow 
If you want you can go ahead
And follow the pattern on moda

I WILL try and walk us through the 
"HUH"?  Parts once we get to the
Final steps.......

So exciting......
I can picture this as a cute easy
Christmas quilt maybe surrounded in white 
and green

Or  a novelty print quilt
Surrounded in white and gray

Or  blue blocks surrounded by yellow
And navy


These are Rosemarys
So colorful and fun....
She blogs at the knitting quilter

These are Sharons
Oranges....another fun one
She blogs at vroomans quilts

And these are Jackys
Hers are 6 inch with 1.5 strips

Aren't they cute?

So fun 

See you next Thursday!
Are you joining us?
Use up a layer cake and some solid jelly rolls. 
When we are done you will wish you joined
The fun.

Here is a little teaser. ...I started putting mine together to see.....
The directions are a little crazy
I like it so far.......