Wednesday, February 21, 2018

A girls just gotta have fun

Jacky had some HST she showed
Me that she was playing with. 
Loved them.
And when cleaning out the one
Project bin I came across
Mine and some pieces to sew
From the quilt show dollar bags
What? I dont have any UFO s to work on.
What are you talking about

This morning I sewed them into
An adorable little quilt
Just because

It measures less than 12 inches
I put a brown backing and used the rest
Of that fabric in the binding

More fabric outta the stash 
Another cute litttle project

Just have to hand sew the  binding
And it will be done........
Not sure if I will part with it or keep it.

Thanks for the prayers for Dad
He has congestive heart failure
And at 86 that is not good
He is also a stubborn man 
And is having a hard time doing 
What they are telling him.
Take coumadin. No sodium.
Walk. Take fluid pill
So we will take each day that we
Have with him 

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Moving another ufo along

This was a Christmas ufo
That I had been
Working on

Called Scots plaid
And is an easy block
Its in my old block
I want to use it as a border
That is why the block
Is reversed
One way for left 
Side and one for

If you want to make
One it is easy
Uses up2 inch
Strips and 3.5 
Inch squares
I sewed a few
Then cut more pieces
What are you working on?

Monday, February 19, 2018


Using 2.5 inch charms
Sew a piece 2x9 blocks

This will be the pocket section
Of a sewing machine pad
Then sew a piece 6x9 squares
This will be the body
Of the sewing machine pad 

I used scrap batting too
3 pieces butted against each other
They will be quilted in place

I chose a blue backing
Then layered like you would
A quilt
I lightly pressed helping the batting to
Stick in place
Quilt as desired.because my batt
Strips went left to right i quilted up and down

Quilted top to bottom
To hold in place

Now I will trim this piece
And on the pocket section I
Sewed the top edge to the back small lining
And flipped it to finish the top edge
Then quilted with Batting inside

The pocket section is lined with bottom edge of the mat piece and the size of pockets sewn
I will do a small one for seam 
And med one for pincushion
And large one for scissors
Then will bind all the way around

Set my machine on it leaving the pocket section
Hanging in front

A nice little gift for yourself
Or make one for a friend
I made one in pink for Jacky
And am just getting around to making

More fun

Jackys little pouches
For equal packets or
Whatever you need to carry

Thought you would
Like to see this quilt
You think a quilter lives Here?

She sure does 

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Jackys blocks

This is jackys house block

Her peas and carrot block

And her sheep
Aren't they adorable?
Are you farming with us
Show us your blocks 

Saturday, February 17, 2018

A little playtime

I played in the scraps            

And made two mugrugs 
Just mindless sewing
I even used up scrap binding 

This is the back

And the other one

Dad is still in the hospital
They found an organism
And are growing it to
See what it is.
Just like a farmer
Always growing something.
We are hoping he goes home soon 
He is getting antsy 
So is feeling better


I cut out more of these
I am thinking I may need a row of them different
heights with some sunflowers on them
maybe the chickens and hen can hide at the bottom in

another funny story

our chickens laying production went
way down
and our neighbor chickens used to
come in our yard all the time scratching
up flower beds etc looking for bugs to eat

one day my Dad is putting up the flag
on the flagpole and his boot kicked out what he
first thought was a rock
it was an egg
the wayward chicken was trying to make a nest

he picked it up and took it in the house
the next day, same thing
she kept giving him an egg
he cracked up
I guess her gift for feeding her some bugs
was to give him an egg daily for a bit 

life on the farm..........

Friday, February 16, 2018

I have a couple more

I think I only have a couple more of these
to sew up
and then the zippy pouches
that I had started a while ago
will be all in the gift box


so far this year I have:

made 3 tumbler mugrugs
sewn 6 or so zippy bags up
finished three farmgirl blocks
sewn the tops to almost seven wheelchair quilts

cut out a few more blocks
sewn on some secret projects
and generally got the fabric scraps
a little tamer in my room

not too bad considering it is still only February!

My March goals will be a little steeper
we will see how I do.........

how are YOU doing so far?
love seeing what you are working on

Julie those strings are calling to me
to make one too

Colette  I will be watching your progress
on your red truck quilt 

Barbara  you are just a quilting machine
but now I want to get back on my scrappy blue 
star quilt too

and Jeanna  I love your blocks and tote bag
I need to make some larger bags too

Rosemary your On Ringo Lake is GORGEOUS

inspiration all around

just a quick note 
having more computer issues so if you dont
see a post that is why

Thursday, February 15, 2018

quilting fun

this is the other one of the twin quilt tops
that will go for a couple or friends
love it

and remember the strip quilt apple I showed you?
this is my version
not done yet
but getting there
just need to find a back
and another layer of batt
and put the stem in

and here is the pear 
needs to be quilted and then the back etc
like the apple

it is so nicely holding the stem
loop for the apple

I love the colors so far
and will see how I like them when
they are done
cute cute and so far not too fussy
or fiddly to make

I drew out a pattern on a regular size copy paper
then found a piece of batting a little bigger
pulled the colors I needed in strips
sewed the strips onto the batting
sew and flip style
then quilted the opposite way
(like the apple)
and then will add another layer or batt and a back and sew right sides 
flip and top stitch near edge and I think 
that will be it

if anyone wants the pattern 
I already drew out
let me know and I will mail you
off one
how cute would eggplant colors be on the pear shape
or orange on the apple shape for a pumpkin

so many possibilities

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Happy Valentines Day!

to all my blogging friends
may you receive beautiful flowers
and chocolaty kisses
and candy with no calories
this Valentines Day

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

wheelchair tops

I hate that I am not good at taking pics
hopefully that will improve
I don't have a design wall
only a design chair or wherever
I can find a spot where I think the cats
wont disturb me ha like THAT is gonna happen

see what I mean?
inspector Dunks
being his usual nosy self

I had trouble with him
he wanted to wrestle with the quilt tops
just for fun

I caught him in action
little booger

but that was a few more of them
glad I can show NEW stuff on here now
baby steps

Monday, February 12, 2018

more pics

these are some of the wheelchair tops
I have done

this one was made with some scrappy
slabs I had sewn
one morning during cleanup

this was a charmpack I was not going
to be using so I sewed them into a 

this one needs more squares cut
but I like how it matched
the other one
and also the panel quilt
will be good for a couple
or two friends

and here is my Phoebe
those big green eyes

love her
Hey Mom   
you got a new camera there?
I'll let you take my picture
how do I look?

Sunday, February 11, 2018

you can try to teach an old dog new tricks

I went and got a new phone

a smarter than me phone
and while we were setting it up
Dunkin was trying to eat Alicias brownies and

this is my buddy who is helping me get into the
next century


she helps me with the tech stuff.

hopefully I can do this after she leaves

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Been busy

I have been busy making things. More zip bags and wheelchair quilts 

It works

I think I can do pics now

decisions decisions decisions.........

in looking at the farm so far, I am thinking
it wont really matter if the house
is white and there is a darker background
as so many of my blocks are that
way already anyhow

I am thinking a white house
(we had a white cape house)
and maybe in the windows
fussy cut some of us kiddos

have to find 3 boys and 2 girls
how cool would that be?  for the 5 of us

some of my blues are a little dark
will have to dig deeper

Our house was very similar to mine
mine is a light gray with blue shutters
we had white with blue shutters

so this is the look I think I will go for 

will see if I can fussy cut 5 kids for the window areas
and then decide on background

now to find fabric to match the image in my head

in the meantime
here is the link for the cake block if you are interested
I made mine a chocolate cake YUM

great birthday wallhanging
or potholders
or tabletopper

so many ideas for this block
I made the 6 inch for my farm

we have a story about butter on your nose for your birthday
don't know why........but we did........

Here is Jackys cake.
so so cute

mine is chocolate with chocolate frosting
hopefully I can take its picture soon and show you

Friday, February 9, 2018

pulling the right stuff

I need to pull out the right fabrics for my house and sheep

I thought I had partially cut them out
but of course can I find the pieces?
um no

so I had better get a move on and cut
out some sheep like fabric
and decide on my house color

you think I have enough choices?


sheep block is DONE
(after cutting two sets   yeah I kinda messed up
on one) 
but he is adorable!

now for the house........

hmmmm    white house?
it has 5 windows   we had 5 kids   hmmmm
another possibility........

this could be fun!

what are you working on?

I may try another block after the house
just because.
maybe one of the extras
like the cake
or sewing machine
or school bus that Colette gave me

anyone have a 6 inch raccoon pattern? 
we have a raccoon story
and an opossum story on the farm too

Thursday, February 8, 2018

gotta get to work on the farm

the house and sheep are the two blocks I need
to get busy with

hmmm.......  what color should my house be?
we had a white house so then I would
need different background colors
gotta make a decision and run with it

Dunkin was pondering the possibilities

and I was trying to avoid squirrels

thought I would peruse some "farm pics" to put me
in the mood

these are from the Deerfield Fair
where I had a great time with Dad
and two of my brothers
watching the horse and oxen pulling
I even saw one of the truck drivers
that I weigh from work ha ha

we used to raise one cow with my uncle
and in the Fall into the freezer it would go
my Dad kept it at uncles house so we wouldn't 
"see it and name it" because 
who could eat their pet?

now I m in the mood for some farmgirl fun...........

are you?