Thursday, April 19, 2018

A solid project

I am having too much fun
Wish I could stay home and play
These little 4 patches look so cute
Surrounded in solids

It would even make a cute baby quilt 
Of course i have no idea yet what i am making lol
Just 2.5 squares surrounded by 2.5 inch strips
Easy and cute and bonus 2.5 squares
Out of the leftovers

Dunkin did a cat scan to test my seams

Then did the roll test for
Softness and durability

Then the stretch test for size...
With that big butt Dunks I think 
I better keep sewing for a bit longer

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Black sheep black sheep have you any wool

Ok not wool  but three skeins full
I started this scarf number 4 at the garage
While I waited for oil change and tire
(Hey remember that camera angle my leg looks thin lol)

It is about half done
So a couple nights of
Knitting should finish it off 
And Three skeins will be
Outta the stash

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

A little secret sewing

How fun are these
A little secret sewing 
Can't tell you what I am doing 
Or who it is for
But having fun 

How can you not love this cat

Or this cute square 
Thanks to Julie for gifting me

This is me right now 
Buzz buzz............
You hear my machine?

Monday, April 16, 2018

farmgirl vintage

I have been a bad leader.......

the raccoon block is a challenge for me right now

I think I need to get with Jacky and pick two more blocks
for the month of MAY

anyone making a farmgirl?  I may try and do some
of the 12 inch blocks. saw the cutest quilt
made of 12 inch blocks
not many are needed to make a small lap
or wall
a cute sheep for Easter
a pumpkin for the Fall
the mixer for the kitchen
any interest? or should I just finish mine on my own.........

The gift that keeps on giving

See these cuties?
As I was sewing my geese blocks
I used the squatrs JulieRose gave
Me as leaders and enders
And voila  a pile of them
Was born in no time

And as you know I got some cool
Solids from Vrooman recently
Not to mention the mailroom Stash
So I  added solids around them 
And  played with layout
Not like i have any ufos to
Work on hee hee

See this julie
STILL have half a baggie

And i made these too
For another quilt

Love my quilty friends

Saturday, April 14, 2018


anyone interested in making dresdens?

I was thinking of doing a project for everyone to join in 
that would be a small table topper
but made with the help of your friends

what do you think?  
I could give everyone the pattern
and then you would trade a dresden blade
with everyone and we would each make our dresden
color of our choice into a topper or wall hanging


Four more blocks


I am having so much fun with this
Quilt and these scraps
I only need 4 blocks
But will make a few extra to play
With arrangement

Now the hard question
Background white?
Gray like my walls?
Or black?

What say you????

Friday, April 13, 2018

You color my world

I am almost done with a top

The color placement will be the
Next challenge as I have a design
Floor not a wall. It also comes with
Cat-auto block removal but that
Feature is broken and blocks get
Removed before I can take pictures
Not sure if the colors I have will all
Work. The black blocks kinda stick out
We will see later when the setting color
Is chosen......thinking gray to match my
Then after that the 
Will be saving to have it quilted
I cant handle one that large

This is what I have been eating lots of
Fruits and veggies and less processed 
A guy at work is doing whole 30 diet
It is very restrictive but is supposed
To clean your body of toxins and
Make you feel better
He is on day 3 and says he has more
I need energy so wanted to give it a try
Am slowly preparing as i have lots of 
Things like dairy and oatmeal which are not allowed 
I was already on no sugar and no fake sweetener so that part is ok
Breakfast will be hard for me
My goto is oatmeal with fruit
Grains not allowed
Then after the 30 days you reintroduce
The dairy and grains etc and see how
Your body reacts
If negatively you have 

mild allergy
And should avoid that food 

And lately these teas are a fav
Need ways to help me destress
And get this bloodpressure down

Hubs has more health issues and it
Is difficult to take so much time off at work
To deal with it all
But this too shall pass.....
Anyone else heard of whole 30?
Tried it? 
I love veggies so the hard part will be
All the prepping ahead so I  dont falter

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Solids and liquids

In school did you learn about solids and
Liquids and gasses? Lol
Ice and water and vapor
Why I thought of that this morning is
A mystery to me 
I  got this huge box in the mail
I didnt order from Jenny
I won it at vroomans blog
She was clearing out solids and i
Just happen to be lacking solids

Lookie at all this
LOTS to play with

There are even stratas sewn

Look at this
Can you say SQUIRREL 

I feel another play session coming on......

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

This may become a second quilt

I really like the cool colors 
Of blue green and purple
And may need to make one
I should have enough stash!

This is what i found today waking up
Does this look comfy?
I  give up
The majority of tablecloths etc were 
Moved and dishware put in but he still
Gets in there grrrrrr

All my blocks so far
Getting there..........
What are you making?

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

I have to sew faster

I need to sew faster
All these quilts started and no dent in the stash 

They keep multiplying lol
Here are all the HST cut from my geese
I know I know they are tiny 
I will play with them another day
Baskets? Tree of life?
Feathered star?

I prepped more of these

And cut more fabric
Blocks 2.5 and some
Geese 2.5 x 4.5

See? Messy i know but Full
I cant even put the mailroom
Stash in yet
May need   to
Make some pillowcases to move some
Pieces out

These smell so nice in my sewing room 
Have to keep there because of cats
I start my day smelling these and sewing
What could be better?

Found this in ufo pile
4 blocks sewn together 
Would you make a table topper or baby quilt as is?
Use as medallion and keep going?

These are some of my 2.5 squares
I keep making things out of them
And I 

Thought my geese would deplete my stash
Seems those geese are like rabbits and 
Multiply instead! 

Monday, April 9, 2018

Thanks Julierose

Julie I made all of these blocks
From the squares (my half mind you)
And look how beautiful they are
The three orange ones will go with
One project and the others will be in my
Geese quilt 

are these trick squares?
I think they multiply
I SWEAR I KEPT them in the baggie
By themselves and LOOK!

STILL stuffed and cant shut it
if that little fabric makes all this
Then I have a room with a potential
Of 1000 or more quilts
thanks for making my day
(Ps  dont tell Jacky but I think I 
Got the prettiest squares)
Did too did too!

Sunday, April 8, 2018

I get by with a little help from my friends

My good friend JulieRose of julierosequilts
Sent me and Jacky a package

She always makes it so purty
And fancy..... with a cute card

Look at all this goodness!

Jacky and I started 
Splitting up the spoils
It started out very

Then there were some that both
Of us liked.......

A fight ensued...
Some squares got thrown 
With kicking and screaming and
Husbands seperating us to
Avoid injury or jail time 

Lets just say we didn't always see
Eye to eye
After all, these are some FUN SQUARES
To play with

But when the dust settled 
We were both very happy
With our new stash enhancements

And are friends again....... lol
From the both if us. .........
You will be seeing these squares 
In a sewing room project near you.........

Saturday, April 7, 2018

Loving these more and more

I am really loving these blocks
And to think this is my scraps
Funny thing
My bins are full of blues and greens 
But these are yellows and reds
Some purples and browns need
To be added to the mix
This may be a flimsy soon......

Friday, April 6, 2018

I love birds

Thanks everyone for my birthday
Wishes. I did get to sew a little

These are the migration geese blocks 
So far. Coming along quickly
Pretty soon will have to decide
On white or gray background
To put them together 

Dunks is looking for the birds lol
We also have my yellow finches
At the feeder 
Saw one the other day and they must
Have told their friends
Because it is almost empty already. 
Either that or some fat little birds!
What are you working on 
No deer

No raccoon
No bunny or chicky runner
I am into Geese at the moment

I am a bird brain
A fly by night 
A dodo

Thursday, April 5, 2018

Today is my birthday

Dunks is giving me  kisses

Phoebe is too

Hoping my friend feels better
I will be Spending the day working 
Then hoping to relax
I dont need gifts
Or flowers 
Or jewelry
Or anything at my age
Just let me sew in peace
Without interruption
Would be the best gift
No cost,no wrapping,no returning
Just pure bliss........
Next year is gonna be a big one
At least I have a whole year to get ready
Wanna piece of cake my friends?
Ice cream?
Here you go........
Thanks for stopping by