Tuesday, April 3, 2018

April showers

If April showers bring May flowers
What does April snow bring?
Ok who was the wiseguy
That said Pilgrims  I heard you....lol
We are having 3 inches of snow 
In April
No April fool
Enough already! GRRRRR......
these are hyacinths I got to
Put in the garden
If I can ever get out there

This bunny got sidetracked 
For Easter
JACKY wasnt feeling well so I 
Wadnt going over and catching it
So after binding she will have
It for next year

These are ready to go for geese

Geese done so far
Love it

Ufo pile staring at me
Yeah i know
Baby quilt
will bind bunny and work on one
The rest  of the week
What are you working on 


  1. That bunny is just adorable with that cute little tail too. Lovely piece. All your pieces are coming along so well.
    I am putting the "B I G MAMA" quilt together today--will have to set up tables to hold the weight...will measure it on Thom to see if i need borders on the sides and then set it up on my dining table for the backing...need to go slowly so as to not HURT meself agin' hugs, Julierose

  2. Quilting then binding a project, and still binding another, and fixing a chicken house. URGH!

  3. love your Easter table runner. I used a old spring one

  4. Your Geese Migration blocks look amazing. I always love to see them. Thanks for sharing with Oh Scrap!