Friday, May 18, 2018

A little blue lagoon going on

Does anyone remember
DON HO and his Hawaiian guitar?
This runner reminds me of
Blue waters, relaxing steel guitar 
And just AHHHH
that vacation feeling

I had some strips of teal 
Left from the runner below
And you KNOW I have a blue bin
And pulled the green
Almost batik looking
And sewed er up 
Now just need batt and back 
I figure if I do a few
Runners at a time I wont
Feel bad cutting into my batting roll

Yeah, this turquoise fab
Love this too
Am debating an orange
Or not
But I think it will win out
It kinda looks cute


What can I make out of
These little pretties?
I SEE some earbud
Keyrings and maybe
Some bags.....
What do you see?

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  1. Great pieces you have going on there. I like that orange with the blue...TGIF Dawn hugs, Julierose

  2. I'm loving the orange fabric for the runner's border. Hope all is well :)

  3. I like the orange binding. I am thinking Sew Together bags for Christmas gifts. Is it too early to think that far ahead?