Tuesday, January 22, 2019

All you need is love......

Snow and extreme cold here 
Whats a gal to do

I went on pinterest
Saw a baby quilt
Said to myself I can make that with my 1.5 squares for a wallhanging
Found my pinks and reds and some lights 

Grabbed some already sewn hst and trimmed them down

And this little cutie is done
Quilted, trimmed awaiting binding

Almost another finish for Jan

If I didnt have to clean out slush from the storm I could have accomplished more

What have you been doing?

Monday, January 21, 2019

Sunday, January 20, 2019

A little sewing going on

One of the baby quilts is quilted and done
In the wee hours 

With enough for a matching burp cloth 
A baby gift bag and card and good to go

A couple more 9 patch blocks for my borders

Kinda dark to see but they are cute
Using stash scraps

So far for 2019 I finished grandsons fleece blanket and gave to him
And made this quilt and burp cloth

Not bad so far......
What are you up to?
We are in the middle of the storm central so will be shoveling instead of sewing 
But will try and take fun breaks here and there

Work gave us monday off even though it is not a holiday we have
So maybe.........I can sew

Played in my 1.5 scraps
Found some valentiney fabrics to make a
Small wallhanging for my sewing room
So fiddly but fun 
While the rain pelts the window
And melts the snow

The o in love is a heart in this
Now to find light backgrounds to 
Get er done

Saturday, January 19, 2019

Do you save other things besides scraps?

This was the top of my fresh pineapple. I like to save them and plant them 
My Dad has one in the house that he got a pineapple on. A tiny one but still.....

I had one I put in my garden last year
It was dark green and pretty
But then the cold came and killed it.

You can grow veggie scraps too.
Potato eyes planted become potato plants
Carrot tops with greens become more carrots

Just ask this ole farmgirl
Save those eggshells too and coffee grounds to fertilize. Yep and banana peels too.

See? All kinds of scraps are fun

Friday, January 18, 2019

More fun mail

More fun things in the mail
Hmmm did I order these?
I seem to remember someone saying I had fat fingers that day 
In my defense I was Christmas shopping for 2019
These will be pretty placemats 

And look at these chicks
Such sweet chickens

Sharon sent me this beauty for Christmas 
This farmgal is in heaven

And look..
A farmall tractor I ordered for my farmgirl vintage

DonT cha love getting packages in the mail?

Thursday, January 17, 2019

More inspiration for Dunkin stone veggie bowtie soup

Some of these ufo blocks of mine wont make it into the soup 
Our participants were way too generous sending out ingredients and I want to use them.
Once you get your ingredients and figure out a plan, name your soup.
I think mine is Dunkin stone veggie bowtie soup

This is what I have plus the 9 patches for the border
Funny, Sharon hates borders and she gave me mine lol
She blogs at vroomanquilts

I am thinking I need to find some red and gold and make more bowties in mini size
Maybe 1.5 inch squares
So my focus so far is to make a few more 9 patches for my borders
And some bowtie pasta

I started this poem.......

In 2019 I made soup with stones
And friends ingredients like beef bones
Julierose gave me Dunkin to stir
Its ok as long as he loses no fur

Jacky sent carrots. Mushrooms and tomatoes
Hmm...do I have any potatoes?
Sharon sent pasta in shapes of bowtie 
And other cool stuff I can not lie

A red star block, hexies and 9 patch 
Too beautiful to cut up and rematch
I pulled a pot fabric of batik 
That soup pot's gonna look sweet

And I saved the end of the poem
For when I receive Colettes treasures

If anyone wants a poem just let me know.
It is another one of my useless talents lol

I am thinking it may go on the back as my label or front if i can make it not too busy 

Hows your soup coming?
Did you name it and create a plan?
Show us a peek......

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

My project is literal soup

Yesterday I had jury duty
And while I waited......and then got dismissed........

I went surfing for some soup pot shape ideas that i could draw out
Found some fun ones.
A chicken stirring the pot lol

Some top views to get more soup in the picture

An abstract to show off ingredients in the pot 

So many ideas.......

I love this project so far.....

I took a cat head and drew around it for
Dunkin stirring the soup
Kids coloring books are awesome for this
I will be using iron on interfacing as it is
A wallhanging
Dont cha love the chef hat?

Then my focus went to
The soup and roundish shape
I happened to order the fat dresdan
And it arrived as I was receiving soup
So I played with some pieced dresdan blades to see if it would give the churned up soup look I wanted
It may work

Slabbing mottled inspiration 

And these beautiful 9 patches
Just have to be a border
My first task in this project is to
Make more of them to determine my inner muslin size
Then I Will Play with iron on applique 

I envision Dunkin in a chef hat
Stirring the soup pot
Surrounded by 9 patches
And hoping when I get Colettes ingredient that I can incorporate it in my idea.

I already started a poem for mine.
I will share later.....

Is your soup pot on?
What fab ideas do YOU have?

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

We want soup. We want soup

I set the table  but hubs took it over

I used my best china
And my pumpkin spice muffins YUM

WAITING  for the rest of my soup ingredients to arrive
My stone I am thinking of using a batik  for my pan
The back side is muted and darker in color and looks like a used dark pan

Got some cool ingredients from Sharon at vrooman quilts

A beautiful block that I cant cut up.it will have to either go on the back or in another project 

And some 9 patches 
So beautiful
Why you making this hard for me Sharon ? Lol
These are too beautiful and may become a border

See what I mean? How can I cut up these beauties?

But this one........
Bow tie pasta in my soup
Yeah......perfect me thinks
Hee hee

So far my ingredients from friends and my pan fabric 

Soup is starting to come together

I almost have a plan too
This is gonna be so so fun

I am excited to get started
And will give you sneak peeks as I go
So you can see my creative progress on my interpretation of stone soup with my quilty friends.

And a little soup story for ya

My husbands family made a slum gullion kinda anything goes soup too.

Funny story  when my kids were small I used to make a meatball stew that really was clean the fridge soup with the constant being the meatballs 

When my son married he wanted me to give the recipe to his wife for meatball stew

I laughed and told the secret recipe. You may find summer squash or broccoli or peas in it. Whatever leftover veggies we had went in. I was known to add chopped up meatloaf too. With the meatballs who knew.

Are your ingredients arriving and stewing in your head?
Have you squashed your original plans already?
Have you cried BEANS and said I Am BEETING my brain over my plan?

No worries.....have fun......with your friends
Remember the idea behind stone soup
Each person donates a little and in the end you feed everyone soup

Feel free to email your friends and bounce ideas off them too.....
Fun is what this swap is about

Soups on........

Monday, January 14, 2019

My soup ingredients from Jacky

This was my canning jar note. Love it

And lookie!  Mushrooms for my soup

And fresh tomatoes!

Gotta have carrots too

And spinach and kale

I think its gonna be a great soup

Thanks Jacky!  Gonna be fun.......

Sunday, January 13, 2019

Country soup

This is Jackys soup ingredients for country soup 
The top row is from Julierose  and me

The bottom is from Sharon of vroomanquilts 

Fun fun

Bunny stew?
Pink ham?
One never knows........

Whats in your soup?

Saturday, January 12, 2019

Playing in the scraps

Dunkin found a box of solids
you have a ton of these in here
Even after that modern baby quilt you made

Look at all the pretty colors

I was uh hemmmm. Cleaning out an area and trying to figure out why I had sewn nilly willy so many strips or coins as they call them
Some narrow, some wide. Some short some long. 

So I  started playing by rough cutting a square
Then slicing at an angle
Inserting the coin strip

Some I did once. Another twice
This is called birch trees if I remember right seeing it in blogland

I like it

A lot. So much fun and gave me the creative nudge I needed to start a new project

Another new project you say?

If it makes Mama happy its all good

Friday, January 11, 2019

The soup store came to me

I am sooooo excited 

I received my first soup ingredient and its from JulieRose
So so fun

Does she know me or what?
I cant wait to use this in my soup 
This is the fun part

Receiving and recalculating and rethinking
For the project 

See Julie.....you even beat Jacky and she can hand it to me from down the street lol

I cant wait to get started and make my project
Thanks Julie! BE watching for your package.