Sunday, May 19, 2019

Playing again

More cleaning this weekend and more fabric found. Oh my

What is it about new to you fabric?
I mean what is the allure?
EVERY TIME I receive something new to me I wanna play
Julierose at julierosequilts sent me this piece of fabric with beach and lighthouse scenes
And her post about seaglass got me wishing I was hearing waves crash lulling me to sleep on a hot summers day

So as I was putting the newly found fabric away, I was also auditioning fabric for a project
Yeah I know
The seaglass colored prints called to me
But first, bobbins must be wound so I can play

I cut out pieces for more jar grippers
I figure may as well get that yardage outta here too

And i found more inspiration
Oh my
So many books I covet and dont use
That must change

And strips were chosen for two more string blocks

My blocks are 12 inches so the center strips have to have some length
Hopefully after some heavy duty bobbin winding I have some projects to show you. 

Does Spring have you cleaning up things?

Saturday, May 18, 2019

More great finds

Julie .....I have cute bunny tins too lol
This one is empty at the moment

My new project will go in there

Found these in another tin
My mom or Grandmother, aunt jo or aunt mary would have made these.
I always wanted to make a quilt with them

See how pretty

So fun

And a tin of mini 4 patches

Forgot about these....
Used 2.5 squares in a color  block 9patch
If I make a few more i will have a cute lap quilt or childs quilt


And my selvages runneth over.
I thinks me needs to make something with them soon 

I love a quilt I saw using only the circles
So it had small blocks made of them
Then i thought the border would be cute
Of all writing

Like I need another project right?

My mothers day gift from Dunkin. 
He knows mama loves chocolate
Daddy helped him wrap it

I guess I really should clean my room more often huh. Lol

Friday, May 17, 2019

Slow and steady wins the race

Found these pinwheels for my panel pinwheel project
Not sure if I will add the churndash to them
To make similar to the center so will let them stew a bit until they talk to me.....

Played a little in the strings

Have just 3 blocks

Trying to figure out where this project is going too

My 1.5 squares are needing to be put in a row
The kona white 2.5 squares I had to order
And figured i need at least 4 packages

Jenny is wrapping them in golden paper and having them blessed before shipping to me.

Is to is

Found this from my friend jacky
I should have a cuppa tea on her
My fav  lady grey....yum

And to keep me accountable and remember my progress when it seems i have none....i keep this notepad with the month and finished projects

I then can look back and say yep I did make stuff

Do you have any tasks that keep you on track?

Thursday, May 16, 2019

I like week 2

My week two has me finding more things to like

I like trying healthier food options.
Spaghetti squash is on the list
For a lower carb version of spaghetti 

I love green tea
Never thought I would. 

I was always a black coffee kinda gal
And I drink a cup here and there
But tea tastes better to me
Green tea
Lipton tea
Lady earl......oh yeah.......heavenly nectar!

If i run out of homemade jam
I am a fan of Mr Smucker.
Strawberry is a fav along with orange marmalade and apricot

And on my morning toast it is comfort food
When we didnt feel well as kids
Mom would make tea and toast
Along with a little love it was the best way to feel better

I like visiting nearby quilting friends and seeing what they are making

I like being able to sew up gifts on the fly to make someone elses day

I like finding treasures I had forgotten about  when doing a mundane chore like cleaning

I like little gifts from friends......
Just because

I love finding treasures made by family members no longer with us.
This tin is full of handkerchiefs and needs to be made into a quilt

Isnt this butterfly so pretty?

I like finding a project that is almost done.
A few more blocks and this can be put together

I love when hubs gifts me with things I like

I love seeing my yellow bird friends at the feeder.
So pretty 
Dunkin likes watching them too.

What do you like today?

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Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Fun finds

Naw dont do this ...

Buy a gift for you then hide it till later
Then forget about it 
This is a cute coffee cup
With scissor handles 

Yeah....cute and all mine 

Having ice cream cravings
Tis that time of year......

And found this to make more grippers 
Guess i better get busy cleaning up

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Oh no. How did that happen?

I was sewing along on some small projects when my bobbin ran out
No problem I thought. Just reach for another and put it in

GASP....... there are none that have thread in them!
Oh no........ guess I will be filling bobbins soon

I did manage to sew and quilt this  mugrug but it needs binding

I only could sew one block of light squares
For my star quilt

I am thinking a 9 patch border of light
Then the blue row so I can see what I still need

Looks like one day of winding bobbins is due 

Monday, May 13, 2019

Youve got a friend in me......

Do you have any quilty friends that live nearby?
I count my blessings all the time as I can literally walk to Jackys house and discuss quilts
It is soooo nice to have a friend nearby

Yeah  we have been known to be both up at 3am emailing each other questions or problems to solve revolving around quilting.

(Hey did you see Jennys deal today?  Go to this website for the cutest pattern..... i need some yellow any in your stash?)
You get the idea.....a great quilt buddy

This cute little bowtie quilt is one she is working on for her great granddaughter
You see the gg has a boy doll and he doesnt have a quilt. I KNOW....THAT CANT BE!!!

Isnt this quilt the sweetest?
Hmmmm.......maybe if I get a good sob story going I can get one of these, you think????
(Jacky I am maybe i would love one of these for Christmas.... or you should make one and give it away)
At this rate I will never get one.......poor excuses right.  Hee hee
love this cute little quilt and I am sure the recipient will too

Do you have any quilty friends that live near you,?