Monday, December 31, 2012

still have UFOs for 2012

I thought I would do up all of my UFOs for 2012 but as you can see I still have some to go. And believe me, there are some lurking in the shadows as well
I really want to make a list of just 6 to start and to actively work on them till completion into something

be it baby quilt, bag, bib, whatever. I started listing out what I accomplish each month in a quilting book because I used to think I got nothing done but it is nice to see my accomplishments. I just bite off more than I can chew! LOL

But I am hoping that these three will be on the list for 2013 to be finished. Their time has come!

Monday, December 24, 2012

Twas the night before Christmas

This is our little tree. I used to have a beautiful full sized one but when you downsize into smaller apartments and the whole family still comes home for Christmas, it makes it hard with little space. I put it up on top of our desk and barricade it with the packages so the cats stay out. the little one Duncan has already opened some gifts the little buggar! There are also no bows no frills because with the grandkids all here it is a flurry of flying paper and I cant see the point. just something else for the landfill. I would really like to make some fabric package covers one of these days. less impact on the Earth.
today will be the last day of the twelve days of Christmas for the grandkids and they are having fun each day trying to figure out what Grammie wrapped for them. Theirs are all different so what brother or sis has is not what you have. Cnn't wait to see the geodes the boys broke in half for one of them. He called me and says Grammie I think I found diamonds inside this rock! love the wonders of Christmas and sharing them with grandkids. The two year old wants to open them all. He is young to understand the concept of one a day. but it teaches them all patience I think.
Have a very Merry Christmas everyone!

Sunday, December 23, 2012

another gift

My Dad and brothers  love deer. This is a pillow I made for my Dad. He will also get a gift card but I wanted him to have something to open.
This was a panel type fabric that I picked up somewhere  and it aged perfectly in my sewing room until the right time. the back side has chickadees. Such a pretty winter scene and it will look nice in his living room.
another last minute gift........check

Saturday, December 22, 2012

more finished mug rugs

these are so fun to make and with the matching or coordinating cup cozy make a cute little tuck in gift.
they seemed to be well received. I will miss them as I have been able to look at the different patterns each day. now they are in their new homes hopefully being used with coffee cups everywhere.

Friday, December 21, 2012

I can finally show you

These were the mug rugs that I had started but I couldnt show you until they received them.
this first batch was the  quick pieced long fabric that I made and chopped up for a matching set.
The lighter fabric is showing the back that matched the binding
these were the individual ones that I made for my staff. I tried to make them fit the personality of the recipient.

the cuplike thing standing up is an insulated cup cozy to keep that hot cup of coffee hot.I found that pattern on the internet and it is quick to make. they are reversible too!  with a giftcard to the local donut shop it made a nice set I think.

Merry Christmas to my staff! this will be our last Christmas together.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

You're a mean one Mr Grinch..........

f ound this on Pinterest for a cute little holday tuck in. love it!

I love the Grinch! LOL    check it out! 

Do YOU Pinterest???

these are still on my mind to make into something

these are still at the back burner waiting for them to speak to me. Do you think this needs to be a yellow and blue quilt? or should I add something else?  any ideas?
c'mon, you KNOW you want to tell me what you think...............and I want to hear........
Or do I make some small projects like bags?
trying to give attention  to some old block friends that need to be made into something useful.
Also thought of putting them into a  lap quilt and get it ready for donation. they are just not speaking to me at the moment.
Do you hear them??????

Friday, December 14, 2012

remember this?

Remember this?  well I guess she liked it because I received a picture...........

this picture of a cutie pie in the glad it fit and is easy to clean up.....this little girl will get good use out of it..............she LOVES to paint!!!!!


Thursday, December 13, 2012

and a partridge in a pear tree

I love this picture! As I said before, every year I used to gather the nieces and get a candy supply and eggs and confectioners sugar for icing and let the kids go to town on gingerbread houses. Now that I am in a  small apartment, I dont have the room for the kids to spread out and create so I dont do it any more. So one of the nieces moms decided to get one of those kits you buy to decorate one. This is the picture she emailed to me as the frosting they provided in the kit  didnt hold up to the weight of the candy.
I loved the picture so much I had cards made out of it! LOL
MERRY CHRISTMAS!  and may your gingerbreads be pretty and tasty!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

talented niece

My niece who is a teen made this self portrait. It looks just like her! I guess the creative gene runs in the family!  good to know that the gene will carry on....
Wouldnt it be cool to make a quilt out of this pattern?   ohhhhh the possibilities!!!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

I need to keep this in mind for future

I have a grandson who would LOVE a quilt made like this......I will have to start collecting black and white fabric and see if this is do able for later..

Monday, December 10, 2012

you're a mean one....Mr Grinch

How cool is this?  My sister in laws sister had someone dress up as Grinch at their Christmas party and the kids were in awe. Here is my nieces little one checking out Grinch's long fingers LOL
It was an awesome Grinch!
What fun are you having this Christmas season?

Saturday, December 8, 2012

I think I saw Rudolph

I think Rudolph is here! Santa must not be far behind!
Having December birthday fun with the December birthday family....
One Nov 28, One Dec 7, one Dec 26  one Dec 27th. Could you give a poor Grammie a break and spread em out???? LOL


made more potholders similar to this one. just did some dump sewing with scraps in greens and reds and made fabric first. then made the potholder and quilted straight lines. binding and tab to hang and voila~. done!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

gingerbread houses anyone

this house was made by my niece when she was smaller. every year the day after Thanksgiving I used to have all the nieces over to make gingerbread houses. I provided lunch and dinner if needed while the moms did black Friday shopping. It was fun and we have great memories each year of trying to make our house bigger and better with more details. There are 5 nieces and the oldest two are 20 now but one of them still buys a kit and makes a house because as she says "it isnt Christmas until you can eat your gingerbread house".LOL
Do you have gingerbread memories?

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

another mug rug

found this mug rug online somewhere and I thought it was so darned adorable. Not sure if I can do a perfect circle though. I don't have one of those circle thingies so would have to use a plate or something but how cute is this?????

I may have another project coming.....uh oh.......

Sunday, December 2, 2012

I told the fat man you were good

I did! I told him.....ok so now you are making ME bad because I lied for you.....but I wanted to see you get something nice for Christmas too!

That's what sisters are for.......sticking up for you through thick and thin.........
Thanks Phoebe!

Saturday, December 1, 2012

let it snow let it snow

I dont have a new picture but have made progress on these. need to go get some velcro for the matching cup cozy and the sets will be nearly done. Yay me!
on to other projects. anyone make any crayon wallets?? was thinking of the grandkids.........
it was snowing here this morningl.. daughter was happy. they are living up here now instead of the south where it was warm. snow is foreign to the kids want snow!  I said it is ok as long as Grammie doesnt have to go to work. LOL

Friday, November 30, 2012

You'd better watch out, you better not cry....

Here is my girl Phoebe. She is such a sweetie and I KNOW that Alphie the elf BETTER be reporting her as GOOD to Santa. IF HE KNOWS WHAT IS GOOD FOR HIM!!!!!!!

Now Dunkin on the other hand...............
eh.....You are on your own buddy! LOL
Alphie can still see you Dunkin!!!!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Oh Christmas tree oh Christmas tree.......

Here is daughters tree. It is artificial so no drying out issues. LOL
It looks pretty with all my ornaments. We had crochet snowflakes, bears, birds, glass ornaments, painted ceramic ornaments, lace ornaments, plastic icicles and you name it. all live happpily together making memories.
The title of my post has a funny memory attached to it. My niece who is now a mom herself, when she was in like the first or second grade was to be the star in the school music Christmas show. She had an elaborate Christmas tree costume with blinking lights made with hula hoops etc and it was gorgeous with ornaments dangling etc.
Her job was to sing solo the song Oh Christmas tree which she did perfectly!
the night of the show we were all sitting near the front waiting for Kayla to do her solo. She comes out, spots us, waves and proceeds to sing. The music stopped. The teacher  had technical difficulties so she runs up, starts Kayla on the song again. again Kayla starts to sing and the musc stopped. After about the fift restart, Kayla decided she was gonna get this thing over with and she screams out "OH CHRISTMAS TREE OH CHRISTMAS TREE, " lol  by this time the audience is all running to the ladies and mens rooms as we are peeing our pants with laughter. she was the star of the show! we tease her about the song every Christmas! wish I had it on tape. It was hilarious!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

heeeeeeeeeeeeeer's Alphie!

This is Alphie, the Christmas snitch, I mean elf that reports back to the Big Kahuna, Santa. Isnt he cute?  Anywho, he brought the "Santa letter" and some kisses for the kids to ket them know he was here and watching and reporting.......
He will move about the house but will lose his magic if the kids touch him. He can be found doing mischievous things (to see if you think they are naughty or fun) and delights both parents and kids with his antics. One year my nieces elf Bob, was in the kitchen on the microwave. She runs into the living room where the adults were having conversation and whispered to me "Auntie, he is on the microwave. come with me"
I followed her and sure enough, there he was proud as punch sitting on the microwave. she wanted a snack but couldnt touch him to move him. The next morning he was in the bathroom on the sink. How does one go potty with the elf watching?????? LOL 
Her elf Bob was found  hanging upside down from the ceiling fan, in her bed, hanging onto a picture frame and other fun places.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

waiting for Mom to get done

These two little sweeties are waiting for Mom to get done with her chores. The other day daughter came over to get some Christmas decorations for their tree. I wasnt using mine anymore as our apartment is way too small. we just have a table top one for ambiance. So someone may as well use them especially since a lot of them have meaning to family. These two are waiting for me to finish putting the plastic on the windows so that we will be nice and cozy warm. It is already getting very chilly round here.
Where's that quilt!!!!!!LOL
no time lately for sewing....:-(  boo hoo

Monday, November 26, 2012

being naughty

Does anyone else out there have one of those Elf on a Shelf dolls? I had gotten one for each of my kids families a couple of years ago and some for others as well. They are so much fun to keep the spirit of Christmas alive.
In my daughters move from the South to here  up North, theirs was lost. so what is a Grammie to do? I went online and got a substitute. I found an Analee doll elf that is just as adorable. today "Alphie" the elf came back and brought each of the kids a note from Santa and a hershey kiss to let them know he will be watching them and reporting back to Santa.
Can't wait to see where he goes and what he does while he is away from the North Pole.
Don't look at me Alphie! I NEVER said I was good! You tell Santa and I will.................. grrrr........LOL

Saturday, November 24, 2012

after the feast

Hi everyone. Hope your Thanksgiving was nice. We had our son and family over and had a great dinner and family time.

I seem to have a sinus infection that is kicking my butt so I probably wont be blogging for a couple days. Please bear with me as I  recouperate.

Not much sewing going on here lately.

Anyone brave enough for black Friday sales? I had to work so it wasnt an option but I have done them years ago when the kiddos were little. Got some great deals and it was worth seeing their faces on Christmas morning with the "coveted prize gift". LOL
Hope your holiday was a happy and safe one!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

think I need a pincushion Santa?

Over the years I have had many pincushions. the magnetic ones, the red tomato ones, etc but the one I keep going back to is this one that I made when I first learned to sew over 40 years ago.
It was fabric left over from my sewing proeject at school. I made a green jacket and pants of the green check seersucker fabric and the corduroy was pants I think too.
This is a pincushion I made when I figured out how to do this 3d patterned is another favorite.

But Santa, a pretty one would be nice. ****wink***

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

candleholder in birch

 My brother made me this last year. isnt it nice?
I love birch trees. it is do rustic and neat and he made it with his own two hands. that is what  I like about it.

just beautiful!

I am thankful for a creativbe family..
What are you thankful for?

Monday, November 19, 2012

no secrets around here

everywhere I go this guy follows. He should have been named Shadow! As I was taking pics for the blog about Christmas gifts, here he was. sitting pretty waiting for Mommy to pay attention to him.
If you tell Daddy what we wrapped for him Dunkin, YOU are IN BIG TROUBLE!!!!!!!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

dishtowels anyone?

I found this nice piece of plaid fabric. It has some nice fringed edges. I cut it in half to make two new dish towels for drying dishes. we do it the old fashioned way around here! Another gift for me! whoot whoot!

I am thankful for the ability to dry dishes with my own hands.
what are you thankful for?

Saturday, November 17, 2012


This cute little number was ordered on Sunday and delivered on Wednesday,.How is THAT for service!  I know somebody who will look awful cute in this..........
just sayin! 
with Santa coming soon and all the preparations happening, I decided to clean out a little area of my closet. You just never know what you will find!  I found a new pair of shoes which I need badly!  Do you think Santa knew????
My closet is the catchall for paper towels, cat carriers, holiday gifts etc and sometimes it is difficult to know what lurks there ha ha
so glad I took a peek today.......

Today I am thankful for nice things just when I need them. Thank you God..........
What are you thankful for?

I am still sewing

Oh how I wish I could show you all the things I am working on. but I can't. Until there is a way to block out family members from viewing my blog, LOL.

Christmas is fast approaching and I am working like mad to get it all done.
Today I am thankful for being able to be productive in making  things for others.

What are you thankful for?

Friday, November 16, 2012

warm and fuzzy

another scarf so warm and soft. I wish I could whip these out a little faster LOL

it is nice to have extra scarves in the winter because when you come in from shoveling your scarf  is now wet and cold and when you go back out you need a new warm one.

today I am thankful for nice warm and fuzzy things

mug rugs on a roll

I had used some strips as leaders and enders in between sewing other projects and put them into a zippy bag. I have strips of them in different widths and lengths that I thought I would use as a small quilt. In doing the 12 days, I thought if I sewed a wider border on each end and quilted it as one piece, I can then chop it up into matching mug rugs. what do you think?  then they will match for a set. I have two sets going.
brilliant arent I???? LOL
Today I am thankful for the ability to think and solve problems. What are you thankful for?

Thursday, November 15, 2012

handmade soap

This handmade soap is made with olive oils and some orange scent. It smells so good! I bought it as a last minute gift for someone. Another thing I want to try doing.........making soap........but why is it I don't think I will live long enough to do all these things?
Wish I had smellaputer so you could smell how nice this is. You will just have to imagine.
Today I am thankful for the ability to smell wonderful things.
What are you thankful for?

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

more craft fair

You know a girl has to get herself something too !  I love the red bracelet and I have small wrists. It fits just right!  Maybe I will wrap it from the cats to Mommy.......hmmmmmmmmm....LOL

Today I am thankful for transportation to get where I need to go.
What are you thankful for?

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

marbled Christmas ornaments

I always love how these ornaments turn out.
I bought clear glass ornaments, cleaned and dried them.Then  I took the top ornament hanger off and put in some paint. The paint I used was acrylic. I picked 4 or 5 colors and at the top of the ornament on the inside squeezed in a dab of each color and let it flow to the bottom of the ball kind of in stripes. Then the fun begins. you cover the hole at the top and shake shake shake. the kids love doing these but be careful as they are glass and if dropped will not survive.

Once the paint has covered the whole inside, put upside down in an egg carton or other container to let the excess paint drain out. I let this happen over the course of a week or so and as it happens I turn the balls again as some of the colors are still moving in there. I have been known to blowdry them too but be careful. It is paint and you don't want to blowdry that everywhere! Ask me how I know!!!!!
This green one needed more contrast. the green overpowered the red. I will fix later with a little bling onthe outside using some red crystals or something.I am turning as it dries to see if I can improve it.
I tried to do just the two colors but I find the more colors I use the better they come out.

they are also pretty cool with the date and name of the child who created them. That can easily be done with paint markers in gold or a contrast color. The kiddos can make a whole box of them for a special grandparent or Aunt as a gift. Keeps the kiddos busy, makes them proud to be creating something with their own hands to give away and gives them skills .

easy peasy and oh so pretty. Once dried, put the top back on, wash the outside of the ball of dirt and fingerprints and voila~
beautiful Christmas ornaments for the tree or to give away

                            Today I am thankful for being able to see beauty all around me.

                                                 What are you thankful for?