Tuesday, June 26, 2012

what's up doc?

Bugs was in there with Sylvester.....Easter wallhanging?

Bugs closeup...eh.what's up doc? ......

dying eggs anyone? too early? or too late?  ha ha

start of another bag........these are addictive.a gal can't have too many bags can she?  Is that how "bag ladies" are born?

maybe Bugs and Sylvester were chasing the Patriotic geese in the stash.  these are little 2 inch square geese and I just added red and blue borders log cabin style. Hoping this will make a cute small lap quilt. Didn't realize the geese are facing different ways. will have to make note for the final layout

what have you been up to lately?

what have i been up to

I added a center to the runner and a border of blue   now to find a back and quilt.......

made a baby bib-  the only project I "finished".

played with Sylvester and scraps- not sure what he will become yet....

made a bag  just need to line and add pockets inside

played with more scraps.....a baby quilt ready to back and quilt

I have been busy but not many finishes. Just more UFOs. ha ha But I am on the right track using up the fabric. You won't believe what you will find in the dark corners of your stash! Who knew?

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Monday, June 18, 2012

Monday Monday

I know Phoebe, I feel this way too! ugh........time to get up and get to work............But it is so comfy right here in bed. ha ha

Yesterday hoed half of the garden. I picked some Kale and put it in the freezer for later. kale soup is a staple at our house in the winter. YUM! and good for you too.
everything is growing good. Hopefully no rain in sight to keep the weeds down a little. Been hoeing a lot to keep them at bay.Dad has been coming down and hoeing like crazy. He lives about 20 minutes away but loves the garden. You can't take the farmer out of him. Our garden is a field. It is huge but we  freeze and can the excess to have homegrown veggies in  the winter. Can't wait for the first tomato. Even though I have "officially" harvested something, it doesn't count until the first tomato is picked!  anyone else live on tomato sandwiches in the summer? oooooooo  that is living!

so far have not seen the raccoons this year but saw the biggest fattest woodchuck run from our field to the farmers field across the road. He will be trouble when the butternut squash starts to grow. I shook my fist at him and yelled "that's rig! go to his garden~ it is much bigger!" LOL  I don't think he was afraid.

A fox has been a little troubling. He was up on our front porch one day and the next day in the neighbor's yard. Nothing here like chickens for him to eat so not sure why he is sticking around. They eat little animals like chicks, eggs,birds,baby bunnies and chipmunks. We will have to keep an eye out for him just to make sure he is not rabid or something. I think he is just surveying the area for possible places to make a den. We do feed feral cats and the birds so hope we are not "setting the table" for the fox.

Not much happening here except work today. watching the grandkids tomorrow play baseball and Wed learning our fate at work. We have been bought out by another company and are supposed to know Wed how much longer we have a job. YAY.....just love this economy and how companies buy other companies until they are the only one in town. makes me sick. Money rules and it should not. hopefully Wed is not our last day! their computer conversion is not done yet so I think they still "need us" for a bit.you just never know.
My favorite grocery store they did the same. The plaza they are in was bought by WalMart to put in a superstore. We already have one 10 minutes to the other side of town. Why we need two is beyond me.They just want to be the only one and will do everything in their power to get their way. I hate that my store will be leaving. They are opening a store down the Cape but that is over an hour drive. I am not going to drive that far for groceries. We will be watching the budget very carefully as the other grocery stores in town are more expensive. Nice combo huh? no job, more expensive food. what else is new?  Anyone have a recipe for fox stew?  (just sayin)

Saturday, June 16, 2012

WWQD what would quilters do?

would you continue to play in the scrap bin?

or quilt this for Dunkin?

or finish up the runner?

or border this baby quilt?

or work on trimming and quilting this baby quilt?????

what would QUILTERS do?????


I need to make a decision and go for it!
Unfortunately this is the tip of the iceburg.........but a little at a time as long as I am plugging away, right?

help me pick what I should do.

Thursday, June 14, 2012


How can this little guy on the right be old enough to go into Jr high? This Friday he will graduate from his school and next year be in Jr High. It doesnt seem possible. this picture was only taken a short time ago or was it????
They grow up too too fast!

to my Grandson Jacob
Congratulations on graduating! Job well done! and quit growing so you can stay Grammies sweet cutie pie a little longer!!!  LOL

Congratulations to all the students everywhere who worked hard and are graduating from elementary, Jr High, high school and college. Education is important! Great job!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

15 minutes Victoria style

I played with some scraps and tried to sew fabric "15 minutes" style of Victoria. see her link on the side of my blog. It is a fun process. I just grabbed "like" colors and don't know where this is headed. I just thought I would try out the process and see what it becomes.
Maybe a rainbow quilt with each block having a particular color? Not sure.

I want to do the color challenge she has out there but there are too many things to finish up first. Gotta get organized and get things done around here. Then I will have some portable handwork for applique, quilting etc.

what do you think? As you can see blue is a favorite color of mine ........

Dunkin picked his quilt

Dunkin it seems has picked out his quilt. it is one of scraps that I sewed onto a muslin square base. This small quilt used a ton of scraps but I think they grow overnight because there are still more in the zippy bag!

what do you think Dunkin likes about this quilt?

is it the eyes looking at him playfully? 

is it the dog noses? the feeling of ha ha I am a cat and I rule over you Mr Dog?

Is he dreaming of Santa and snowmen? and making his list?

Or does he just want to claim it because it is there?

Its mine I tell ya!  ALL MINE!!!!!   LOL

Sunday, June 10, 2012

back to your regularly scheduled program

Ok now that the diaper cake is done and delivered, it's time to get back into finishing this runner. I think I will put a pink circle center and use the blue strips as a border. Will let you know how I progress. I am thinking of hand quilting it and putting it on my kitchen table. That will depend if I am still in love with it at the end or not.LOL

looks like the rain is finally gone around here. That's a good thing. The garden is saturated and you know what that means. when the sun comes out, the WEEDS will be a growing! GRRRR..........LOL
Hi Hoe, hi Hoe, it's off to hoe we go.............have a great day! I have a busy one. **wink**

Friday, June 8, 2012

diaper cake modeling session

Here is the diaper cake I finished last night....
sorry for the dark pic but it was night time. and the only place I could take the pic was on the computer desk

here is another view.....
and another.love love love the sandals! a girl cant have too many shoes Hee hee

this is the side view showing the dresses and denim ruffled skirt in the back. so so fun!

She is being born today so hope mommy and she like her gift! (she must be anxious to see it as she wasnt due for another week or two)   <3  <3  <3

rain and quilts

Tell me this girl is not spoiled! LOL She just snuggles up and parks herself wherever she wants to.

I need to make Dunkin's quilt next. I have some scraps I sewed together that need to be sewn into the top. A few more pieces need to be added and then I can quilt it up for him. I would like him to have his very own soon. Daddy likes the AC a little too much!  so I freeze and the two "kids" Phoebe and Dunkin will snuggle on their quilts. they fight now for the one quilt to see who gets it for the moment.

The diaper cake came out so so cute! I will deliver it today. hope she likes it! pictures soon.

It is only 5am so I guess I have some time to play in the fabric scraps. see you later hopefully with some progress.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

today is my Friday

Today is my Friday. Woot woot! I took tomorrow off as a vacation day. That will hopefully allow me to catch up with things.

Garden is growing like crazy, especially with all this rain. Of course the weeds are growing too! LOL
My 80 year old Dad came over to plant last night but it was sprinking again. Told him I will plant the rest this weekend. It is supposed to be in the 80s. Hopefully when we weed, the strong sun will bake them! LOL
I have no garden pics but we have lots of food planted.tomatoes, beets, watermelon, cantaloupe, butternut squash, zuchinni, summer squash,red onions,cucumbers,sweet bell peppers, hot peppers,corn. I think I covered it all. Biggest two challenges......WEEDS and RACCOONS EATING THE CORN.

If anyone has any ideas on how to deter the raccoons we are willing to try just about anything. Last year in the early morning I saw a family of four going through and knocking down every stalk to eat a little piece of an ear. We got hardly anything out of 4 long rows. Such a shame! I don't mind them eating a little but they are wasteful little critters and don't finish everything on their plates!

Soon I want to start with my canning. It reminds me oftimes with my Mom. I usually make some jellies like garlic jelly, hot pepper jelly, strawberry rhubarb jam, blueberry jam, onion jelly. From time to time we (sis and I ) make other flavors too like apple pie jelly, watermelon jelly etc just to mix it up. I like trying new things and sometimes something you may think "ugh" will turn out to be a favorite. Everyone that I tell I am making garlic or onion jelly has first said that until they try it on something like an everything bagel. Then it is "when you make it again, can I buy a jar?" LOL

Happy Friday!!   er, uh.Thursday for you..........   ;-)

I will close with a kitty pic. Even Phoebe hates the rain! She is waiting for Dad to give her some treats

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Rain rain go away

It has been a rainy rainy week. Besides being Wednesday and then rainy on top of that well, you know it gets a little ho hum.

been working on a surprise diaper cake for a friend. not done yet but this is similar to what it will look like. this is one I did years ago for someone.

The one I am doing will have a small doll at the top and more clothing. some onesies, cute shoes, (its a girl!) and some bibs too. but you get the idea.........
they are fun to make but a lot of labor involved. roll and tie the diapers, make a support onto the cake cardboard to support as you go up, arrange diapers, then arrange the other things in a pleasing way. wrap all in ribbon.
I also made one (two actually) last year to look like a motorcycle. those were real fun. took forever to figure it out but they came out so cute! they were both for boys. the seat was made of diaper wipes and the fenders were bibs. the red "lights" were peepee teepees for boys. google them LOL the frame was made of receiving blankets. it has in it 7 receiving blankets, 2 bibs, 4 peepee teepees, pair socks(handlebar grips), bottle (light at front over fender), something like 150 diapers, 3 plastic containers diaper wipes, small diaper wipe container, wipe refills, keys rattle and bear stuffed animal, and a small plastic basket for organizing.

well gotta get busy. thats a lot of diapers to roll up. Need to have them done by this Friday so gotta run.
have a great day everyone and hope your quilty projects chase away the rainy day bliues...........

Sunday, June 3, 2012


ok Phoebe you have a quilt............
Remember the one that you "stole"? We were making lap quilts one Christmas for the nursing home and every time Mom put this one in the box you claimed it with your fur. She would take it out, rewash it and put it back only to have you do that again and again. The third time Mom gave in and said "Ok, it is YOURS".

see here is the front and back..... a pretty pink and green and blue pattern called Lovers knot. Here it just looks kind of like a zig zag.


YEAH  WHATEVER Dunkin! This afgahan is MINE too!  so buzz off! I was here before YOU were!

er, ummmmm kitties! let's not fight! Lord knows I have enough fabric to make every kitty in the world PLUS every one that is about to be born in the next year a quilt. (not that I have time to do that) LOL

Here is what I have been working on. A dresdan runner...... I need to figure out what color for the circle in the center. I only have pieces of the pink and the blue in the stripes section. None of the green. I think the pink but then I am thinking the blue. ideas? maybe something totally different? The muslin? I am thinking of adding strips the width of the ones in the side blocks as a border, then quilting it. again I am torn between the pink and the blue. quilty friends, help!
What would YOU do???