Tuesday, July 31, 2012

baby quilt?

would these blocks make a good baby quilt?  would you put on an offwhite background? a print that reads as a solid?

would it be good for boy or girl? or ust girl because of the pink involved?

Monday, July 30, 2012

any ideas?

Any ideas how I could turn this bag into a bag to carry a dolly and her things? should I just make a lining with lots of pockets? start over and make a bag with outer pockets too? it will be for a four year old's gift

I was thinking it could hold a small dolly and some diapers and a small quilt maybe. the bag is about 20x26 or so. some bibs and a little mommy is all set.

also any ideas on how to put this together? I have about a dozen blocks, some ducks going left, some right. should I just continue to make larger log cabin blocks and join alternating blue and red outer edges?  find a pattern fab and sash?

Am looking at all my UFO's in a different light. want to make them useful for someone.
hmmmm, can this be a baby quilt?  a dolly bag?     a table runner?

made a crochet camoflage hat at the car dealership and half a scarf of white yarn. at least while I couldnt do things I needed to do, I got something accomplished.

Saturday, July 28, 2012


Today hubby and I will remember my brother in law, his brother. There is still a lot to do with paperwork and cleaning out his apartment which I suppose is good as we are still waiting for the remains to come to us from GA. Busy hands help the healing process. I will try to prepost some things so that my blog is still interesting and hopefully we will soon be back to normal. Thanks again for your patience and prayers.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Dunkin you are in trouble

He looks scared, right?  should I take away his laptop?  his Ipad? I don't think he cares do you?

                                    so much for clean laundry!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

here chickie chickie.....

This runner will go perfectly in my kitchen

I have chicken wallpaper and red barn colored curtains. This is a sort of 15 minutes ala Victoria of
http://www.15minutesplay.com/ fame kind of project. I took out fabrics in chickens, eggs, rusts and matching prints and just sewed them willy nilly onto a runner size piece of muslin. so far it looks ok. it gets tricky with angles but I will cut and sew and flip to make it work. this will be a nice new addition to my kitchen table.

maybe Mr. Rooster will be appliqued on somewhere later. he is pretty handsome!LOL

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

life is a gift

We have had a tough week at our house. it started on the weekend with my son's family being hit head on by a drunk driver. Thankfully all are ok and just sore. Cars can be replaced. Then it continued during  the week with my brother in law passing away unexpectedly while on vacation. I may be away from the blog for a little so please be patient. There is so much to do when one passes in another state. Thanks for your understanding.

what is the attraction

why do cats like laundry baskets? This is Dunkin on the top of two loads I had to fold up and put away. is it the height that attracted him?  the heat of nice warm laundry fresh out of the dryer? the scent of the dryer sheets?
He is attracted to my laundry like a magnet. I no sooner get it up the stairs and put down the basket to close the door and in it he goes. And he likes to burrow in like this all nice and cozy.

maybe I should teach him to help out around the house?

Monday, July 23, 2012

eye spy with my little eye...

has anyone made an eye spy quilt? I decided on a plain pattern so it wouldn't be so busy.

I wasn't thinking about the pattern forming with the squares making a four patch. oh well. I like the look anyway.........

there are a bunch of novelties in this quilt and as soon as I find the border fabric I will border it and get er done. The border I had picked out for this is a cute yellow background with the alphabet and words on it. I thought it would be perfect. Then my granddaughter can have it for her bed

puppies and fish and cats oh my! Do you see what I see with my little eye?

Sunday, July 22, 2012

classes anyone

Have any of you been to classes gone wrong?

 I went to a class that was poorly run. They had about 10 of us for a Saturday all day sewathon. To make things go quicker, they had us precut our fabric so that we could get to the sewing right away. So my friend and I traded fabric strips and cut them to the 4.5 inch wide on our directions. We were excited and ready for a "sewing mini vacation". When we arrived, we learned that the other gals were "regulars" and all were given directions to cut strips at 4.25 inches and it mattered! (By the way when we signed up we gave phone numbers and were not made aware of the changes)
 Our quilt would not come out correctly if we didn't use those measurements. we spent the first part of the sewathon recutting strips! we switched off so that each of us could follow along on our project when we got home. what a disappointment as others finished their quilts and we had ours in parts that had to be sewn and parts that had to be recut.
we decided when we got home to at least finish up our tops.

I don't have a picture of hers but this is what mine looks like. I have not finished as I am debating whether to make it larger or call it a lapquilt. I do have a few more scraps but not sure if enough to make the basketweave center for a border or not. Mine has more teal blue in it than hers does if I am recalling correctly. she is a Fall colors person. I like my blues and greens and cool colors. I really like the crazy border where I took some parts and some of the strips I didn't feel like cutting down and added them together. Maybe I will just finish and bind in black. It is a fun pattern.

we took the strips and sewed each to a smaller white strip. then they were cut and sewn into a 3 section with the white areas alternating. then those "blocks" were sewn  into rows, then into the quilt top. If you look closely, we had a variety of all kinds of fabrics in there. some uglies, some colors we were not fond of anymore etc. it was to be a scrappy quilt and I love it. see any old fabric friends you recognize?

Saturday, July 21, 2012

cupcake thief

This guy looks so cute and innocent right? I mean what trouble could he EVER get into?

And of course his sister is always busy doing things so she has no time for trouble.....

well I made cupcakes for a function and after they were all frosted and decorated with sprinkles, I left the room for 5 minutes. I tell you it was FIVE MINUTES!!!  And............ when I came back, there was one cupcake neatly pushed off the tray and in the middle of the table.

hmmmmm..........   first thought was Hubby KNOWS better than to steal a cupcake! checked on him..........nope.....still sleeping soundly........

then found this guy hiding............HE KNEW he was in trouble...........

He is SO lucky he is CUTE!!!!!!

He had pushed the cupcake off the tray from the others and licked the frosting off half of it. I have to admit he takes after mom-the frosting is the best part :-)

                                                              little Buggar!

I should have taken a picture of the evidence.....but I think his sister would have protected him by destroying it. She wouldn't want him to serve any time. who would she play with then?

any thiefs at your house?

Thursday, July 19, 2012

painting anyone

Is anyone else a crafter of many choices? I like to knit, quilt, paint etc. Last night my 9 year old niece and I painted some roofing slates.
Here are the results.............
Emily's picture that she was painting from.

and her slate so far..... I see a budding artist!

my picture but as you can see I used creative liberty and I stink at baskets LOL

I will try and work a little more on the basket so it isnt so one dimentional.I do love the flowers though. they were fun. Can you tell? I put more of them in the basket and didnt show the handle. That is what is great about paint. You don't like something, you paint over it.

I have to admit my flowers look more like lilacs than hydrangea. I think I used a brush that is too small. the petals should be larger and rounder. but the overall effect I think is ok.
I also need to invest in some stencils for lettering. But it has a rustic feel to it and will be a gift once I tweak some things.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

oh no not again

Do blogs inspire you? It seems like when I think I am making progress on my UFOs, something comes along and I HAVE to do it! I was perfectly good, minding my business when every blog had a dresdan on it! soooo dresdan away was the plan for the day

NOW it seems while I am making dresdans fast and furiously, there are granny and great grannies all over the internet. I LOVE that pattern and that look! what's a girl to do??????
I need Santa to bring me lots of extra time to just sew and do nothing else!

anyone else doing the great granny pattern?  I have so many projects going I will have to wait on it but it is KILLING me......I LOVE LOVE LOVE them!  I can picture 3-5 blocks as a pretty runner for an old fashioned kitchen like mine. if I can find some chicken fabric........my kitchen has chickens and barn red. Oh, does it ever end? I guess if it did, I wouldnt want to be inspired anymore, right?
grannies anyone?

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Do you sleep late

to be able to sleep late like this..........
someone has to go to work and earn the money for treats. And that someone be me!

Friday is here! YIPPEE!  lots to do this weekend but weather is nice and time off is good...........hopefully in for some quilty fun too

I gave my 4 year old granddaughter an apron and told her she can help  Gramma cook. I told her I will get her one day and she and I can spend the day together. Her mom wrote me this morning saying Brook says she has to go to Grammas to cook.Her mom said to her why, can't Gramma cook?  Brook says she needs my help. YES Brook, I absolutely DO need your help.You brighten Grammas day!                                    

mosquitos big as birds

Look at those mosquitos in Maine!  big as birds I tell ya!!!!!   this pic is from mother in laws quilt. I could go on and on about the stories and squares but I wont bore ya!  EVERYONE should make a family story quilt. What a fun way to remember funny stories and memories of the past. and also a great quilt to hand down through the generations. especially iif you add pics printed on the muslin.How cool is that?

kitty time

Dunkin loves the camera. work it boy!  yeah that is a good side of you!  smile......yes you look thinner in that pose.

ok bad camera angle. showing your treat gut!  hmmm..........Momma better not buy any more treats for a while.  you gettin a fat tummy!   get that mouse............ what d'ya mean you can't roll over????? LOL

Phoebe thinking "Look at that showoff!"

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

odds and ends

ever been so late you are early? LOL
Halloween wallhanging.......check

this was just a test to make something that I could practice handquilting a feather wreath  on. I liked it so much I made a set of two placemats. they get used a lot so if you peek closer to see stitches, please ignore any spots. should have made matching napkins for messy hubby! ha ha
my hips will tell you I dont miss a drop when it comes to food. :-)

back side showing the quilted wreath in center and log cabin edges. these were quick and fun and used scraps of stuff lying around. I may have to make some more.

I made some plain jane ones for cat mats. I was tired of the cats getting their food out of the bowls onto the floor each day so now I can just take the mat and wash it with the laundry and have a clean one. One was made from an old piecd of a panel print, one with applique trying a new technique etc. The cats dont seem to mind..........

whats your name

What's Your Name

I saw this on a blog and thought it looked like fun!

1. ROCK STAR NAME -Rewa Santa Fe
2. GANGSTA NAME - Grapenut sneaker
4. SUPERHERO NAME - green midori
5. NASCAR NAME - joseph anthony
6. STRIPPER NAME - Lilac snickers
8. SPY NAME - Autumn Hyacinth
9. CARTOON NAME - Peach slippers
10. HIPPIE NAME - Pancake Mounds

How did I come up with these names? Well the guidelines are
1. first pet name / current car
2. favourite ice cream flavour / favourite type of shoe
3. favourite colour / favourite animal
4. second favourite colour / favourite drink
5. first names of your grandfathers
6. favourite perfume or scent/ favourite candy
7. 5th Grade teacher's last name/ City that starts withthe same first letter
8. favourite season/ favourite flower
9. favourite fruit / an article of clothing you are wearing now
10. what you ate

bargain day shopping for the grandkids

bought this for granddaughter

and this for grandson..........
and this for other grandson. How about that? just three dollars a piece! bargain of the day..........Love a day like that.... Hope they like them

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Marges memory quilt

This is a quilt I made many years ago for my mother in law. It is a quilt representing memories and stories of their life. The top area is a representation of their property on Bird Hill Rd in Maine.They lived in a mobile home and the white thing to the right is supposed to be a birch tree. (my version Hee hee)The birds represented Bird Hill Rd.
The next row down is Max the fat cat. we once babysat him while the inlaws went to FL to look at a house to buy.  after he swallowed some string, we had to make the call to the vet to have it surgically removed......$400 later ...... Max got us in hot water that year!
the next square I made to represent her three boys. the one on the left in a baseball hat is the biggest REDSOX fan you ever want to know! the middle one is the oldest son and the one in cowboy hat and boots is hubby, the country one. up above you see the chicken to the right. they raised chickens to learn responsibility and my hubby said "they were the best tasting chicken salad he ever ate" because he was tired of getting pecked.
One of the pets they had was a beagle. He was a character and no wonder. On their way to get him, one son said lets name him Poochie .the next said Poochie Woochie. The other said Poochie Woochie Dumb Dog . Then the parents both chimed in Poochie Woochie Dumb Dog Ludabaker. it just sounded "right" to them so that was his "official" name.They laughed so hard when naming him. This dog would watch to see if you were looking and when the coast was clear, he would carry the cat dish in his mouth and book it for the door. too funny!  He also scrunched up his nose at cigarette smoke. You could trick him too by putting a crayon in your fingers "cigarette style" and he would do the same. a spokesperson for non-smoking before his time! (almost everyone smoked back then)

You can also see the tear to the right in the border. this is why I have this quilt-to repair it. It is ripped not on a seam so I will quilt it down and try and applique maybe flowers or pussy willows on it. those are her favorite Spring flower.
this is one of my favorite sections. The bears and moose represent sightings in Maine. the bunny as well visited their yard almost daily. The lighthouse represented Plymouth MA where they resided last. I have no pattern for a lot of this quilt as the squares were made as stories were relayed or remembered. Some I was lucky enough to find a coloring book page or something I could use but most were drawn by me and then replicated in fabric. this was such a fun quilt to make.
As a matter of fact, as I was making it, my nieces who were small then wanted to make their own "life quilt". I have their drawings and squares replicated in fabric and now that most of them are 18 or older I will finish them and give to them to have. It is fun to look back at the guinea pig block or the beta fish named "Wings" block. One had a picture of me and her and she was wearing a tee shirt that said "girls rule". Yes they do! another had a pair of roller skates to represent her love at the time. There are 4 of these quilts and that reminds me- FOUR MORE UFOs to put on the list to finish!

family day at the nursing home

Look at that happy face! six year old grandson at family day at the nursing home with Great Grandma looking on. He was so proud as he won the red dog at popping balloons. He tells me "Grammie, my Daddy couldn't win but I did! I can win one for Grampie if I can play again"  What's a Grammie to do but fork over the cash for another game? LOL  AND HE DID WIN!  That's my boy! Oh to be six again.........

Thursday, July 5, 2012

table runners or lap quilt

what do you think? should I make a few table runners out of these scrappy dresdans or put them into a lap quilt?  I have probably about ten of them. hmmm.......... maybe I can put 9 into a lap and one into a runner.......just sayin   I had cut out all the wedges from leftover fabric and put in zippy bags for neater storage. then when I got the urge to sew, I sewed some together and put the plates in the bag. They are so pretty. I just LOVE dresdans. Can you tell?

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

cats and children and good times

Over the past week we have had many interesting activities. they had family day at Grams nursing home. face painting and balloons and cotton candy, burgers and dogs, cookies, popcorn, water dunk tank, pop the balloon contest and ice cream.  a childs dream come true.and great Grandma got to see them and brag to everyone those are my Great grands.

for the fourth hubby and I had a clamboil for us. Then my Dad and two brothers came over and we  visited on the deck. nice day and very relaxing.

went down to the garden and picked 2 large bags of kale. also 2 zuchinni and 2 summer squash. put up the kale in the freezer for those winter days when kale soup is on the menu. YUM!
  I heard about kale chips that I want to try. they break it into chip size pieces, drizzle with olive oil and garlic powder and bake till crisp. supposed to be good. I need to try that.

Does anyone have a good recipe for kale?