Tuesday, July 10, 2012

odds and ends

ever been so late you are early? LOL
Halloween wallhanging.......check

this was just a test to make something that I could practice handquilting a feather wreath  on. I liked it so much I made a set of two placemats. they get used a lot so if you peek closer to see stitches, please ignore any spots. should have made matching napkins for messy hubby! ha ha
my hips will tell you I dont miss a drop when it comes to food. :-)

back side showing the quilted wreath in center and log cabin edges. these were quick and fun and used scraps of stuff lying around. I may have to make some more.

I made some plain jane ones for cat mats. I was tired of the cats getting their food out of the bowls onto the floor each day so now I can just take the mat and wash it with the laundry and have a clean one. One was made from an old piecd of a panel print, one with applique trying a new technique etc. The cats dont seem to mind..........

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