Thursday, August 2, 2012

good old days again

I have no idea what I am doing with  my hands. LOL  too many girl scout cookies maybe? I am on the left. my brother is next, my cousin holding my younger brother, my sister, then my cousin. This was back in the day when you sat in the visiting parlor. We had four kids then. (my mom had 5 total) but I remember batman and selling cookies to the family for girlscouts and having fun playing croquet with my cousins. we didnt have a set but I loved to go there and play the game. We also got to walk to the beach f rom their house in the summer. something we couldnt do on the farm where we lived. funny as you talk as an adult you find out things. My cousins always thought we were luckier because they loved coming to our house and riding the pony and petting the bunnies and animals.
just proves that humans are always thinking they could be happier someplace else. We should be happy where we are today and now and enjoy while we can!

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