Tuesday, August 7, 2012

still quilting this

This is what I am working on at present. I am handquilting this runner. I will then bind it in the navy color

this is what it started out looking like. It was originally just the rail fence pattern that was going to be a quilt. Over the years it lay unfinished and I was "eh" about the colors so it stayed unfinished. I then "found" dresdans and made some using some of the fabrics in them to match. I am in love again!  so I put one with the rail ends as a runner to see how I would like it.
I like it.......A LOT

Now to finish the hand quilting........time seems to elude me these days. There is so much to do when someone dies. My house now has my things and his. I need to finalize things and then try to relax again. quilting can help me to do that.  ;-)

any ideas what I can do with more dresdans in this colorway? should I try a 4 dresdan table topper? maybe a runner with two dresdans, one on each end?

Is it too dark for a baby quilt?  should I let them rest and see if they can become a medalion quilt center?
I believe I have 6 or 8 more dresdans. what are your thoughts?


Linda said...

I finally figured out how to view your blog! Good to see your project. I do love the Dresdan block. I am currently "periodically" working on very large Dresdan blocks. Your project is looking good and it is nice to finish something old that you like again.!

Connie said...

Beautiful Dresden block and it adds so much to the quilt! Thanks for sharing.
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