Thursday, September 6, 2012

dump quilting on the holiday

see what  15 minutes of play or "dump quilting" can yield? I grabbed my scrap basket and pulled out some greens  and a couple other colors and just sewed them into fabric pieces.
then I cut those into 8 inch squares.layered it with thermal batting  and a backing,
and quilted straight lines.
trimmed up to 7 inches and added binding and loops

voila~. handy dandy potholders. made 9 of them in about one hour. not too bad. all I have left to do is find some greens to bind and then will handstitch down the back of the binding. some nice handwork. (I know, I am one of those crazy women who doesn't mind hand sewing binding. I find it relaxing)

hmmmmmm..... now where are those towels I bought last year to applique?  Can I make a matching set? green trees?  says holiday but not  too obvioously so can be used year round.

I must keep my purchases in a seperate box for easy retrieval.  note to self..............or do I go shopping again? LOL


beth said...

Love the potholders! I think it's time to go shopping again. ;)

Elaine M said...

Fun potholders. Love that one with the lime green.

sewyouquilt2 said...

thanks try it! it is fun sewing this way.....