Sunday, September 9, 2012

favorite gift

With the upcoming holidays and my job ending soon, money will be tight so I was just wondering from all you people in blogland, what is your favorite handmade gift of all?  Is it something useful for electronic devices like a kindle cover?  Is it something to wear like slippers? Or for the kitchen like  a towel set?

I will do something fun for the grandkids by doing a spin on the 12 days of Christmas. starting on Dec 14 they will open a small gift each day until Christmas eve. Sort of as a countdown as well. I will put some things in there such as rice bags to heat up and warm your tootsies in the coming colder months, maybe some favorite candy, etc. For example granddaughter loves hot oatmeal so a box I think has 9 packets. that will be for day 9. socks or mittens will be day 2 (pair)  jacks is for day 12   .and I won't tell you the rest because of spying eyes but you get the picture.

I guess I am practical because I like things I can use. homemade jams, socks, handknit dishcloths etc. This year with the impending loss of the job, as people leave they are not replacing them. I had a staff of 6 which will now be a staff of 10. I also have to think what will I do for them for the holidays as well.

Here are some ideas I had. Let me know what your favorite would be.........
                                          table runners
                                           candle mats
                                           mugs and mug rugs
                                          jams, jellies
                                          homemade breads, banana, zuchinni, etc
                                          cookies or candies
                                          scratch toickets
                                           Yankee swap? maybe with a grand prize for person with highest number

what would YOU like for Christmas?


Barbara Woods said...

i though you had it all covered . hate your jib is ending hugs

Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

One year I gave all the gals zippered bags for make up or anything else they wanted to out in them. It was a huge hit!

ellen gets crafty said...

Wow, you will be very busy before the holidays get here! I'm waiting for a pattern to arrive to make little cloth wallets. It's never too early to start making gifts.