Monday, September 24, 2012

no pictures today

Today I go back to work after having one week off. No wonder they don't like for you to take vacation! I could get used to just staying  home...........LOL

except the piper would expect to be workey, no money.  grrr........

I have sewn many things but can not show you. They are Christmas gifts. Soon I will be able to get back into the swing of things and show some progress.

Do any of you keep lists? I have a list of things I have done/made for the year. It kind of puts things into perspective as sometimes you feel like your efforts are non productive but when you see all that you have accomplished in the month etc then you realize that you have done something.

In the course of a year according to my past records, I end up accomplishing about 50-60 things done. Some may be small projects like a baby hat or pair of earrings for a gift but what that means is about one project a week which I think is reasonable. I will try and top it this year with a few more but no promises. I do have lots still to do for Christmas but hopefully it will take some of the money stress out of the equation for us. So much already to worry about in this terrible economy. We will be losing our jobs probably by next August or so. That means we are trying to live beneath our means and stash away like squirrels for the future. hopefully it is enough and do-able. I don't want to lose our car which we just got 2 yrs ago. I normally bought second hand and took the money out of the savings so no car payments. Of course NOW that I have car payments, I am losing the job, right?  It will all work out. Just stressful times as I am sure many others are going through too.

This week that I had off I did some Fall cleaning and rearranging of tieback holders in all rooms of the apartment. I also sewed 2 buttons on for someone and made 13 potholders. 5 of those are finished and the rest are in progress. I also brought 2 cats tothe vets for annual checkup and shots. Got a pile of stuff sectioned off for yard sale stuff. all in all it was a productive week. I still have more I need to do but if I do a little every day, I think I will get there.

have a great day all!

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