Tuesday, September 18, 2012

vacation or staycation or what

I finally have a week off from work.( the kind you get paid to do) BUT I dont know if you could call it a "vacation". or even a "Staycation". It is more like a "workcation". LOL

 BUT I will have my house hopefully all nice and spiffy for the winter months. I really need to get some things outta here so will make areas for "yard sale" stuff and another for "give away" and go to town. really need to cull as we inherited things when moving mother in law into a home and also when brother in law passed away. I only have a 4 room apartment!

so cull it is!

want to start with new bed pillows and some new blinds and get windows and curtains all done too. If I do one room a day I SHOULD have some time to sew. what do you think???? LOL

1 comment:

laurajane said...

Good look with that,in my experience one job always leads to another.
Have a good week off,hope your jobs get done super quick,so you can sew.
Laura x