Wednesday, October 10, 2012

anyone ever make these

Anyone ever make these? If you look close you can see the year 1988. yes that is how old it is.
                                          when I was first married we had very little and both hubby and I were starting new jobs. He had two young children from a previous marriage that we had custody of so times were lean. Our first Christmas tree was filled with homemade pac man Christmas ornaments in bright yellow! It was beautiful! The kids painted them and I had made them out of the salt dough recipe.

It is a simple recipe of 2 cups flour, 1 cup salt, 1 cup water. If you wanted to color the dough you could add food color or coffee or tea but we prefer to  paint them and then spray shellac seal them. I have also sealed them by dipping in melted wax for a different non shiny look.

 Anyway, if they are stored where no moisture can get at them, they will last a long time as you can see. I kept him even without his hat pompom as I want to make more of these this year. he was free formed with my hands. easy peasy if you look at the dough as different size balls rolled into the shape you need.
anyone else do homemade ornaments with the kiddos??????

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