Saturday, October 27, 2012

ideas for a two year old???

Do any of you have ideas on what I can do for 12 days of Christmas for a two year old?  I have day one a stuffed puppy dog. I was thinking about making a fabric picture book for like day 12 with 12 pages of things he can recognize.
I will ask his mom what his favorite treat is. If something like goldfishes, I will get like say 5 packages  of them for day 5 or something.
two year olds are a little harder than the older kids. so much to will go in the mouth. will parts come off? etc.
saw a cute car roll up mat kind of thing with pockets to put the cars in but not sure if he is old enough for those little matchbox cars. will have to see at the store what's in the Fisher price aisle. Maybe I can get inspired..........

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