Friday, October 5, 2012

maybe I should finish this up for her?

Maybe that is the reason this little number kept getting put to the back of the list. Maybe it was supposed to be finished for this little boy. off to find some blue to back it..........

then maybe make 12 bibs? one for each month?  Jan, snow scene   Feb Valentines   Mar st Pats

APr  Easter    May  Memorial Day           June  flowers    July 4th     Aug  beach scene?  Sept  apples or back to school theme    Oct  Halloween     Nov Thanksgiving     Dec  Christmas

what do you think?  can I do it?// probably take more time finding the fabs then cutting and sewing. they work up pretty fast with velcro closure

I found some baby pacifiers and toothbrush. I must have bought for diaper cake and misplaced. will come in handy anyway.

so many little time..............

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