Wednesday, October 3, 2012

still sewing and cutting

I am still sewing and cutting out fabric. I have been working a lot of hours (month end) so my sewing time is limited. I get it ready in "kits" so that when I have precious time the stuff is ready to go. and if I have more than one I can sew production style making it go quicker.

Do any of you have hints and tips to "make more time to sew"? I need to get my sewing station set up in one place. that would surely help!

One of my nieces friends is having a baby in Feb and just found out it is a BOY!  Any quick and easy ideas for some nice gifts I could make? I was thinking a small quilt, bibs and burp pads?
He mom died when she was 12 so wanted to make her something to say we care. I am not sure who is her "surrogate mom" to help her in this new phase of her life. she is 20 now and a great "kid"!

 I may also be helping niece make a diaper cake. we will see as she is also looking to make maybe a diaper bag, carriage cover and other things. I saw those "pee pee tee pees" for boys and laughed. they look easy too! they are sometimes called "wee wee wigwams" too. to put over the boy when changing his diaper so you won't be showered! sounds like a good idea to me!

Any links or ideas you have would be welcome. thanks in advance! I want to get started now because not sure when a shower will be done for her.

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barbara woods said...

honey i stop ay quilts and blankets