Thursday, October 25, 2012

what was your favorite toy

My granddaughter loves the cats. She thinks Phoebe is so soft and wonderful. We do too!
Have only a couple more things to finish off her 12 days and then it is on to the boys! They will be a little tougher. having fun and unfortunately won't be coming up for air often. I will try and post as much as I can when I can. It is fun to try and think of things to make or do to make a holiday special.
Ordered this little one an Alphie robot to learn her numbers and ABCs. I love playing with it so hopefully she does too!

What was your favorite Christmas toy when you were a youngster?  Mine was a typewriter and for  my brother it was a 10 speed bike. It is fun to go back in time and remember finding that special something on  Christmas morning under the tree.

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laurajane said...

Oh it was my bike.My brother and I both had bikes one year,his was blue,mine was red.They were Raleigh's,very good bikes in the 50s.happy days.xx