Wednesday, November 7, 2012

dont you love craft fairs?

This weekend I decided to treat myself to visit a craft fair at the church around the corner. I was not disappointed. Look at the great things I found!
A new scarf, a heart shaped door decoration,
some Christmas ornaments too. I thought they were so cute! the owl is  felted and the lady was showing me how it was done. I gave her the money she asked for it and ran! looked like a lot of work and I got a darned good deal!

sitting behind a retired friend from work was a gal that still works with us in a different department. She made all this cool jewelry! the snowmen and the cupcakes are so so adorable. I HAD to have them!

today I am thankful for nice things.
What are you thankful for?


laurajane said...

Lovely things you bought.Really like the earrings.
Today I was grateful for the lovely sunshine,as my dear friend and I went for a walk to the shops.xx

Julierose said...

Cute, cute stuff! I am thankful that I bhad a generator during "Sandy" and a terrific husband who was calm and cheerful throughout the whole shebang!! Julierose