Saturday, November 3, 2012

give me all your candy

Who wouldnt give all their candy to this cutie pie?
her feet were killing her (typical girl suffering for the shoes LOL)
she walks in, sees cookies on my table and goes "Grammie, can I have a cookie and a drink and some candy and what else you got. LOL I cracked up
I put a few candies on the table and said you can have as many as you can count. she counted to 9! good girl! keep practicing!
and this guy can protect me anytime! Rough and tough
He had some cookies and crackers and candy too.I wanted to take some pictures and he goes "Grammie, wait, let me pose". great job! I LOVE it!

this guy is really a sweetie at heart. Dont let the cover of the book fool ya. He gives great bear hugs!
but on this day they were a little "bloody" LOL
he didnt want candy, no cookies, no cake. he was collecting his candy for sis. What a nice big brother! so Grampa made him an ice cream frappe with chocolate chip ice cream. Hey, you gotta get your chocolate fix SOMEHOW!

Trick or treat! what a treat to see some of my grandkids all dressed up having fun despite the crazy Sandy weather that blew in here a day before. all is well. we are safe. and have candy stash! LOL
hubby saved a lot of the mounds bars-his favorite. they are mine too so I wish he gave more of them away........


laurajane said...

Great pics of the grands,love all the costumes.lolxx

barbara woods said...

great grandkids