Wednesday, November 28, 2012

heeeeeeeeeeeeeer's Alphie!

This is Alphie, the Christmas snitch, I mean elf that reports back to the Big Kahuna, Santa. Isnt he cute?  Anywho, he brought the "Santa letter" and some kisses for the kids to ket them know he was here and watching and reporting.......
He will move about the house but will lose his magic if the kids touch him. He can be found doing mischievous things (to see if you think they are naughty or fun) and delights both parents and kids with his antics. One year my nieces elf Bob, was in the kitchen on the microwave. She runs into the living room where the adults were having conversation and whispered to me "Auntie, he is on the microwave. come with me"
I followed her and sure enough, there he was proud as punch sitting on the microwave. she wanted a snack but couldnt touch him to move him. The next morning he was in the bathroom on the sink. How does one go potty with the elf watching?????? LOL 
Her elf Bob was found  hanging upside down from the ceiling fan, in her bed, hanging onto a picture frame and other fun places.

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