Tuesday, November 13, 2012

marbled Christmas ornaments

I always love how these ornaments turn out.
I bought clear glass ornaments, cleaned and dried them.Then  I took the top ornament hanger off and put in some paint. The paint I used was acrylic. I picked 4 or 5 colors and at the top of the ornament on the inside squeezed in a dab of each color and let it flow to the bottom of the ball kind of in stripes. Then the fun begins. you cover the hole at the top and shake shake shake. the kids love doing these but be careful as they are glass and if dropped will not survive.

Once the paint has covered the whole inside, put upside down in an egg carton or other container to let the excess paint drain out. I let this happen over the course of a week or so and as it happens I turn the balls again as some of the colors are still moving in there. I have been known to blowdry them too but be careful. It is paint and you don't want to blowdry that everywhere! Ask me how I know!!!!!
This green one needed more contrast. the green overpowered the red. I will fix later with a little bling onthe outside using some red crystals or something.I am turning as it dries to see if I can improve it.
I tried to do just the two colors but I find the more colors I use the better they come out.

they are also pretty cool with the date and name of the child who created them. That can easily be done with paint markers in gold or a contrast color. The kiddos can make a whole box of them for a special grandparent or Aunt as a gift. Keeps the kiddos busy, makes them proud to be creating something with their own hands to give away and gives them skills .

easy peasy and oh so pretty. Once dried, put the top back on, wash the outside of the ball of dirt and fingerprints and voila~
beautiful Christmas ornaments for the tree or to give away

                            Today I am thankful for being able to see beauty all around me.

                                                 What are you thankful for?


laurajane said...

Oh my gosh,they are just lovely,thanks for the great idea,one to do with my grandchildren on their next visit.xxx

Kat said...

I'm always looking for a simple project that my daughters (ages 6 and 9) can make easily to give as holiday gifts "just from them." I think they would love this project! Of course, we'll need to sprinkle some glitter into the balls before shaking them up :-). (No project they ever make is complete without glitter, LOL!) Thanks for sharing your idea!