Thursday, November 29, 2012

Oh Christmas tree oh Christmas tree.......

Here is daughters tree. It is artificial so no drying out issues. LOL
It looks pretty with all my ornaments. We had crochet snowflakes, bears, birds, glass ornaments, painted ceramic ornaments, lace ornaments, plastic icicles and you name it. all live happpily together making memories.
The title of my post has a funny memory attached to it. My niece who is now a mom herself, when she was in like the first or second grade was to be the star in the school music Christmas show. She had an elaborate Christmas tree costume with blinking lights made with hula hoops etc and it was gorgeous with ornaments dangling etc.
Her job was to sing solo the song Oh Christmas tree which she did perfectly!
the night of the show we were all sitting near the front waiting for Kayla to do her solo. She comes out, spots us, waves and proceeds to sing. The music stopped. The teacher  had technical difficulties so she runs up, starts Kayla on the song again. again Kayla starts to sing and the musc stopped. After about the fift restart, Kayla decided she was gonna get this thing over with and she screams out "OH CHRISTMAS TREE OH CHRISTMAS TREE, " lol  by this time the audience is all running to the ladies and mens rooms as we are peeing our pants with laughter. she was the star of the show! we tease her about the song every Christmas! wish I had it on tape. It was hilarious!

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