Thursday, December 13, 2012

and a partridge in a pear tree

I love this picture! As I said before, every year I used to gather the nieces and get a candy supply and eggs and confectioners sugar for icing and let the kids go to town on gingerbread houses. Now that I am in a  small apartment, I dont have the room for the kids to spread out and create so I dont do it any more. So one of the nieces moms decided to get one of those kits you buy to decorate one. This is the picture she emailed to me as the frosting they provided in the kit  didnt hold up to the weight of the candy.
I loved the picture so much I had cards made out of it! LOL
MERRY CHRISTMAS!  and may your gingerbreads be pretty and tasty!


laurajane said...

How funny,great Christmas card though.xx

Rosemary said...

The kids and I used to make these too but no one is interested anymore! They do make great snacks! Your kitties are so pretty! I feel like they're watching me type!

Tracee said...

It's a shame that it didn't hold up....but I'm sure that there is much fun in the eating of it.

sewyouquilt2 said...

Yes Laura I thought it was a great card also!

Rosemary thanks I think my kitties are cute too and they ARE watching you LOL

Tracee yeah it was a shame as the niece was 8 and so wanted to do one. but she did eat it and said it was a tasty mistake! maybe Auntie will have to do ONE this year with someone LOL