Thursday, December 6, 2012

gingerbread houses anyone

this house was made by my niece when she was smaller. every year the day after Thanksgiving I used to have all the nieces over to make gingerbread houses. I provided lunch and dinner if needed while the moms did black Friday shopping. It was fun and we have great memories each year of trying to make our house bigger and better with more details. There are 5 nieces and the oldest two are 20 now but one of them still buys a kit and makes a house because as she says "it isnt Christmas until you can eat your gingerbread house".LOL
Do you have gingerbread memories?


laurajane said...

Lovely post.I did TRY to make gingerbread houses a couple of years ago,with my grandchildren,but Bryce who was about 3 at the time thought it would be better to eat chunks out of the

Jayne Honnold said...

What sweet memories you made with your nieces. They will long remember those days with you and very likely will create similar memories with their own children and neices and nephews when the time comes.