Monday, December 31, 2012

still have UFOs for 2012

I thought I would do up all of my UFOs for 2012 but as you can see I still have some to go. And believe me, there are some lurking in the shadows as well
I really want to make a list of just 6 to start and to actively work on them till completion into something

be it baby quilt, bag, bib, whatever. I started listing out what I accomplish each month in a quilting book because I used to think I got nothing done but it is nice to see my accomplishments. I just bite off more than I can chew! LOL

But I am hoping that these three will be on the list for 2013 to be finished. Their time has come!

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ellen gets crafty said...

I've gotten really bad at not finishing a project - something new always comes along and I just have to try it!! I WILL get all of those bindings on this year - I hope!
Happy New Year!