Monday, December 24, 2012

Twas the night before Christmas

This is our little tree. I used to have a beautiful full sized one but when you downsize into smaller apartments and the whole family still comes home for Christmas, it makes it hard with little space. I put it up on top of our desk and barricade it with the packages so the cats stay out. the little one Duncan has already opened some gifts the little buggar! There are also no bows no frills because with the grandkids all here it is a flurry of flying paper and I cant see the point. just something else for the landfill. I would really like to make some fabric package covers one of these days. less impact on the Earth.
today will be the last day of the twelve days of Christmas for the grandkids and they are having fun each day trying to figure out what Grammie wrapped for them. Theirs are all different so what brother or sis has is not what you have. Cnn't wait to see the geodes the boys broke in half for one of them. He called me and says Grammie I think I found diamonds inside this rock! love the wonders of Christmas and sharing them with grandkids. The two year old wants to open them all. He is young to understand the concept of one a day. but it teaches them all patience I think.
Have a very Merry Christmas everyone!


laurajane said...

Great post,have a lovely Christmas and peaceful New Year.
Love Laura xx
Ps ,I made fabric draw string bags for my 2 grandchildren this year,Red with white stars for Jayda,blue with white stars for Bryce,their gifts are inside,no paper.mind you ,I'm not sure if they will let me have the bags back for next year lol.

Heidi Staples said...

Have a wonderful Christmas!!