Saturday, February 23, 2013

early gift that is inexpensive

I subscribe to an email to help save money. Who doesnt need help doing that these days?
well, anywho, she had this link to get a customized pillowcase for 5 plus 5 shipping. they are normally  like 21 dollars.
whats a gal to do?????????????
I found a pic of granddaughter and her dad and thought.........hmmmmmmmmmm
this would make a nice gift for her daddy on Fathers Day!
so I ordered it today...cant wait to see how it comes out.
if  you too want to take advantage, go to
put in promo code PILLOW5 for the discount
pick a style pillowcase
upload your picture
join their site (free)
order it......... early gift done
Easter coming up........a family pet on a pillowcase?  cute pic for grandparents to put away for birthday, Christmas etc???? Mothers day for new moms????  the possibilities are endless. I think you only can get one at the rate BUT time is ticking...only good until Feb 28th so rush if you want in!

tablerunner starter?

I love the oriental type fabric in this goldy strip. I will have to use this in something neat. maybe a kindle cover?

some pretty fall colored fabrics are lurking in the tin too...........

table runner starter????
seems like I have tons of "coins" starts
maybe I will see how wide and make a nice little coin quilt

with a strip added to one side I think I will have another cat placemat. I like to make them for under the cat dishes as they are not the neatest eaters I know.
I like the cheery colors.......

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Friday, February 22, 2013

star table runner

I found three of this pattern in my cleaning spree.........This one in s pretty SPring colorway
one in a burgundy and navy pattern (not shown) and another in a black and lime green citrusy kind of pallete (also not shown)

If I remember this pattern went up quickly with the star blocks numbering 3 to 5 depending on how long your runner will be. then the rest is just strips and cornerstones. esay peasy. And I do believe I have a couple of Spring birthdays coming up. This may move up on the list to be done sooner than later...........
Do any of you make lists and prioritize them? I am a list person. I listed out some of the UFOs that I found and am putting them on the list int he order I want to finish. As I am doing that, I am trying to have a purpose for them. If they just will go into the Christmas box then they are lower onthe list than say something like this for a Spring birthday gift. Plus I like to throw a few easy get er done quick ones in so  that I dont lose interest in finishing them.
daughters runner is handquilted and ready for binding. Then I will wash and crinkle up and send it off. Next is finishing a few more baby things. Seems like this is baby year! ha ha
what are you working on? 
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Thursday, February 21, 2013

I guess I had a plan huh?

Found a note with a plan for a quilt and 4 patch block and scraps. Looks like at one point I was trying to get organized haha  I even had it all zipped up nice in a plastic baggie.

funny how time can change your priorities and likes and dislikes. I think I will trash this "plan" and use the scraps in another quilt. maybe a nice "kitchen sink" quilt of all the bits and pieces. will see how I like them all laid out.
Ever since we learned that we will not have a job after August, I have reflected on my life and priorities and such. One new goal is to finish off those projects that keep weighing me down. If I chip away a little at a time and make useful items I figure it is a win-win. I will have completed a UFO that I may not "love" anymore AND I will have created something useful for myself or for others. What kind of UFOs do you have lurking? 
I read in a quilt book by Sharon Craig that the reason we have UFOs is because there is something stopping us from finishing them. pattern too hard, color dislikes, size issues of blocks. She takes those issues and shows you how to "fix" color by adding contrasting or setting a certain way to read as a certain color etc. It is very interesting to see how she overcomes these issues and makes a great quilt. I think I will study a little of her techniques and see if I can figure out the "why I stopped making this project" and then fix the issue. hmmmmmmmm.............  let me think on that..........
Sharon, you think you could come to my house for a month or two so that we could work together on this????? LOL

how old are these fabrics?

Wow I dont even remember these old fabrics.....or the pattern but I kind of like it.
will see if it will be the center of a medallion quilt or if I find more treasures to go with it.

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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

another dresdan

another dresdan in a pastel colorway.....
says baby quilt to me. wonder if I have any more pastels that I can make into a pretty squares border?
wouldnt that frame it just right?
I think I have 6 dresdans and just this one piece of squares.

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Monday, February 18, 2013

should I start this early?

that popcorn tin is full of treasures forgotten. funny what you find when you clean up the sewing room....You think I should start this early?
these would make some cute ornaments for the Christmas box......

and they are a quick fix for a project done.......hmmmmmm
I think I might.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

minutes for me

Minutes for Me----------when you take time and sew for YOU

just using scraps and making same size squares but in kind of a hlf log cabin pattern

have 9 of them done. and here is what they look like.  Dunkin started rearranging them....

this is what can happen...........  what arrangement do you like better? I like them BOTH but arrangement one with borders can be a lap quilt. arrangement two means more sewing............

either way it is fun to play!

look what Dunkin found

Dunkin and I found a round "popcorn" tin in the sewing room that I forgot I had. It was squirrelled beneath some fabric. What's in there Dunkin?
hmmmm....some made fabric,,,,,strips and squares sewn willy nilly

you think I like blue???  some of the fabrics bring back memories of projects past....

will have to see what I can do with these treasures........

more dump quilting

while cleaning up my sewing room I found a little of this and a little of that.
just like a soup..........

hopefully these little fun bursts of sewing will produce some made fabric that I can add to other pieces and make something useful.

like bibs, potholders, bags etc......

look at this cut panda........start of a baby quilt???

my favorite.......TAZ    another center for a medallion quilt?  or bag?

have fun in your sewing scraps

Saturday, February 16, 2013

giveaway and 15 min a day sewing

Do you take time out for You????
Minutes for ME???????
I try to sew 15 min a day... 
those 15 minutes a day of just sewing up scraps to see where they land really goes up fast!
I have enough for a pretty decent size lap quilt here......and with all the colors involved, I am SURE I have something in the stash for borders and back............
what are you doing with your 15 minutes????
see what others are doing with their "minutes for me " with marcia
see link below....
I am also having a giveaway on my blog. I will pick a winner the beginning of March. I have some quilty books and some fat quarters and other goodies to make a nice little package for a lucky winner.
so take 15 minutes....
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kaleidoscope cheater

anyone ever start with a fabric like this......

cut squares out exactly alike and resew them like this?

to make a bunch of "unlike" squares from the same fabric.
FUN FUN!!!!!!
this was a small piece of fabric and the squares are about  6 inches .  I may make a runner out of them.......... or put solid green or red between and frame each pretty block........
no tellin what I will do...........
check out what others are doing on sew many ways

grandmas dice

Has anyone seen these before? they are called Grandmas dice. I found them at one of my shopping trips for 1.99. they are about 6 inches wide and stuffed and each side has fun things like movie, bake, my choice, grandmas choice.  the idea is when grandkids are over and you dont know what to do, you have them roll the dice.
cute huh?  Now how can I open a seam and make the odds a little more in my favor???? ha ha

Friday, February 15, 2013

he is good when he is sleeping

whats a mama to do???? This little guy is the cutest thing.......but he is a bad boy for sure!  The other day when I was in the kitchen making my breakfast, I see him up on the counter near the coffee machine. I shooed him to get down and what do I see? Him pawing at the top of the butter dish so he could get at the butter for a taste.......How smart is that?  Our butter dish is made of metal, silver and is lined with glass on the bottom. it is lightweight. I will have to reconsider getting one that is heavier. I could not believe what he was doing! How many other things is he doing that we dont know about?????
Does anyone know of a good surveillance camera company that will install cameras in your home???? LOL

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentines Day

This is what I have been working on for granddaughters class
hairbows for the girls.....
bunny pencils for the boys

how cute is this face??? ha ha

and not to forget Dunkin and Phoebe...hearts with catnip....When I gave Phoebe hers she looked at it and went back to sleep. Dunkin grabbed his in his front paws and rolled over and over on his back playing. made my day!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Valentines Day!  Hubby and I exchange cards and nothing else. We feel it is just another overcommercialized holiday so we don't spend the extra money on things we dont need. we have health and each other and love each other so that is enough for me.

camera out of commission

I hate reading blogs with no pictures. so I will make this short and sweet. Until I can get my camera back in action, I wont be blogging much. I will be making things behind the scenes and will show you once I am able to.

Have two batteries for camera and both are spent. cant find the charger so will see if geek son has one that will work for me. if not off to the store I go. I miss blogging with pictures and hopefully you will be patient with me and come back and visit soon. I will make it worth your while.
maybe a giveaway????   hmmmmm.........sounds like a good way to say thanks!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

she seems to be feeling a little better

still not sure what is going on with Phoebe. She DID gain 2 oz when we went to the vets a couple of weeks ago and she seems to have more energy and spunk. She is being a little more playful with us and Dunkin and is even chasing him in a game which is nice to see.
I am still worried  that we have no idea what is going on............hopefully she gains more weight. She is 7 years old and weighs 10 lbs. she is a long tall cat so could use a pound or two and not be fat. I dont like seeing her hip bones. The vet seems to think she is doing good as she gained so we will just watch her and see what happens. Love love love this girl!  last night as I was typing on the computer, she jumped up onto the desk for a treat. To get my attention she gave me a kiss. how can you refuse such a sweetie pie!

Monday, February 11, 2013


this is the little snow we started  with before Nemo. We got about 18 and in some spots drifts of 3 feet or more.
We were one of the lucky ones that had power throughout the ordeal. I was so tired though from grocery shopping, doing laundry, baking etc to make sure all was done that needed power that I didnt even sew. imagine that?
the next day I crafted but have no pics to show. just imagine.........Valentine sayings hearts, clear shellaced to seal, then glued onto lace for a girls barette. Then I made some bunnies of muslin and attached them to a pencil with a bow and a conversation heart for the boys. granddaughter has 10 boys and 7 girls in her class.
that is the extent of my crafting this weekend. hopefully I can resume my previous pace of "gettin er done!" in 2013!!!!

Friday, February 8, 2013

wheres Nemo...........

Nemo is headed our way so if you dont hear from me for a few days hopefully it is because I am hand sewing and finishing up some projects.
It is times ike this that Iwish I had bought a treadle machine!

everyone in Nemos path please be safe.........
hope to see you soon! hopefully with some finishes for February!!!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

do you think I like blue

love this blue quilt made of found strips that I sewed willy nilly one day..........

tried again to organize scraps and sew them........hmmmmmm  more blue

blue pink and green..........made a great cat quilt for Phoebe-(not yours Dunkin- even though you think you claimed it)

Sylvester likes blue too..........he told me so.

found some tiny 2 inch duck centers and added what else?   red and BLUE....

found more blue and UFO dresdans........put together in same runner

scrappy bag with more blue scraps

Do you think I need to branch out with another color???? LOL
maybe I need a color challenge!

Monday, February 4, 2013

this lady has us worried

this little sweetie has us worried. she is not looking good. she sleeps a lot. she is eating normally and keeping it down but looks like she is losing weight.

the vet did bloodwork. $200 later her white count is up-

tested her for worms $60   no worms

I dont know what else could be wrong. the vet said sometimes it is food allergy........could be stress.........
how do you destress a cat????  anyone know of a good cat spa in New England????

seriously, I am besides myself but want her to feel better. all tests came back ok with liver, kidney etc.
even her fur is not as silky as it used to be.

something is wrong with my baby and it makes me sick.........

anyone else have similar experience?  she is only 7 which is not an old cat.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

mindless sewing is so sew fun

I love it when I get some time to just sit at the machine and grab fabric and sew willy nilly. sometimes the combination of fabrics surprises you. sometimes you think huh? why have  never put these together before?

sometimes there is no thinking at all.............

just pure sewing pleasure............

not having a plan....................

here's to some sewing fun..........