Saturday, February 23, 2013

early gift that is inexpensive

I subscribe to an email to help save money. Who doesnt need help doing that these days?
well, anywho, she had this link to get a customized pillowcase for 5 plus 5 shipping. they are normally  like 21 dollars.
whats a gal to do?????????????
I found a pic of granddaughter and her dad and thought.........hmmmmmmmmmm
this would make a nice gift for her daddy on Fathers Day!
so I ordered it today...cant wait to see how it comes out.
if  you too want to take advantage, go to
put in promo code PILLOW5 for the discount
pick a style pillowcase
upload your picture
join their site (free)
order it......... early gift done
Easter coming up........a family pet on a pillowcase?  cute pic for grandparents to put away for birthday, Christmas etc???? Mothers day for new moms????  the possibilities are endless. I think you only can get one at the rate BUT time is ticking...only good until Feb 28th so rush if you want in!

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laurajane said...

Oh I can't wait to see the pillowcase ,lovely idea.xx