Monday, February 11, 2013


this is the little snow we started  with before Nemo. We got about 18 and in some spots drifts of 3 feet or more.
We were one of the lucky ones that had power throughout the ordeal. I was so tired though from grocery shopping, doing laundry, baking etc to make sure all was done that needed power that I didnt even sew. imagine that?
the next day I crafted but have no pics to show. just imagine.........Valentine sayings hearts, clear shellaced to seal, then glued onto lace for a girls barette. Then I made some bunnies of muslin and attached them to a pencil with a bow and a conversation heart for the boys. granddaughter has 10 boys and 7 girls in her class.
that is the extent of my crafting this weekend. hopefully I can resume my previous pace of "gettin er done!" in 2013!!!!

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