Friday, February 22, 2013

star table runner

I found three of this pattern in my cleaning spree.........This one in s pretty SPring colorway
one in a burgundy and navy pattern (not shown) and another in a black and lime green citrusy kind of pallete (also not shown)

If I remember this pattern went up quickly with the star blocks numbering 3 to 5 depending on how long your runner will be. then the rest is just strips and cornerstones. esay peasy. And I do believe I have a couple of Spring birthdays coming up. This may move up on the list to be done sooner than later...........
Do any of you make lists and prioritize them? I am a list person. I listed out some of the UFOs that I found and am putting them on the list int he order I want to finish. As I am doing that, I am trying to have a purpose for them. If they just will go into the Christmas box then they are lower onthe list than say something like this for a Spring birthday gift. Plus I like to throw a few easy get er done quick ones in so  that I dont lose interest in finishing them.
daughters runner is handquilted and ready for binding. Then I will wash and crinkle up and send it off. Next is finishing a few more baby things. Seems like this is baby year! ha ha
what are you working on? 
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Barb said...

Love your runner!

Julierose said...

Oh those peachy flowers just pick up the stars perfectly--love the colorways a lot!! Julierose

laurajane said...

Lovely table runner,I do like thing with black in,makes the colours pop out.if you see what I mean..xx

Carrie P. said...

love the floral fabric you are using.
I am not a list person. too stressful for me. LOL