Saturday, February 23, 2013

tablerunner starter?

I love the oriental type fabric in this goldy strip. I will have to use this in something neat. maybe a kindle cover?

some pretty fall colored fabrics are lurking in the tin too...........

table runner starter????
seems like I have tons of "coins" starts
maybe I will see how wide and make a nice little coin quilt

with a strip added to one side I think I will have another cat placemat. I like to make them for under the cat dishes as they are not the neatest eaters I know.
I like the cheery colors.......

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laurajane said...

Lucky cats having such pretty placemats.I havnt made mats for my puppy yet,although she does have mini quilts for her basket,I like that because every few days she can have a fresh one.hubby says she's better looked after than him lol.
Have a good weekend.
Laura xx

sewyouquilt2 said...

yeah my kitties are spoiled for sure. But the mats serve two purposes. I use up non loved projects, I keep the kitchen area neat...extra bonus.....the cats are not picky about the colors or style LOL