Saturday, March 2, 2013

ever hear of pee pee tee pees

with babies everywhere being born it seems, I dug out some old patterns for making useful items. For boys (and if anyone ever changed a diaper on a boy you can relate) I usually make pee pee tee pees. It is what it sounds like. a tee pee of fabric that covers the area to avoid an unexpected shower.
first you start with a 7-8 inch circle. cut it in half.

this will be your pattern. cut one of pretty fabric and one of terry.

I buy faceloths for this or towels and cut them up. then I can coordinate the colors to my scheme,.

these are the fabrics I will be using,. out of a fat quarter I was able to cut a burp cloth and a peepee tee pee for a coordinating set. 
this is a pic off the internet of how they look when sewn. when you open the diaper on the boy you plop one on until you can get the new diaper on. saves yourself from many mishaps and it is a great conversation starter at baby showers.
look up pee pee tee pee or wee wee wig wam for pattern and instructions on the internet. they are easy to do once you draw out your pattern.
necessity is the mother of invention? LOL


laurajane said...

They made me laugh ,but what a good idea.I had girls,but my friend had a boy and very often had a face full of p.
My daughter is expecting a boy begining of July,I might have a go at one of these.
Laura xx

Tracee Perry said...

That's hilarious, I could of done with some of those about 19 years ago.

Kat said...

Haha, those are great! I have 2 girls but my sister is expecting a boy (in May) and her shower is coming up. I have fabric left over from making her nursery bedding, I am most definitely going to make her some of these!!

Rosemary Dickinson said...

Never heard of this before but it's a great idea. Wish I had known about these years ago!!

barbara woods said...

I had 3 boys but never heard of that

Karen Lacombe said...

Ha Love that mom. Sure wish I had them when the boys were babies.

Karen Lacombe said...
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sewyouquilt2 said...

I know! they are fun to make and use.