Friday, March 29, 2013

is this done

Do you think this one is done?  It is baby quilt size. This was a challenge many years ago for our little quilt group of 5. we used to get together once a week to sew.

I made duck blocks and we each got one and put in a bag wth scraps and passed it along, round robin style. That way no one felt hurt if the end wasnt the vision they had in mind. A few of them were not open to this fun type of quilting.
This was the one I ended up with and I added the piano key border for some fun and color.
 As you can see, plain borders were added most of the rounds. I guess they were not ready for round robins. I had taken some blocks and put on point so they would have to put on point to make the duck right. it added some fun to the block.
Anywho..................I am thinking quick quilt............
Do you think it needs something? Or should I quilt er up?
I was thinking of quilting the massive blue as water with wavy lines and maybe adding some strands of pond grass or cat o nine tails????  All I see is that dark blue.......
maybe outlining duckie with some black embroidery thread work? give him an eye? applique on curvy shades of blues for water?  so many possibilities I guess. This should be a quick finish IF I COULD MAKE UP MY MIND ON WHAT TO DO!!!!!!


ellen gets crafty said...

Wow - looks like you are really busy with lots of project ideas. Hugs to your kitties!

Patrica said...

I think it's probably time to quilt it and move on. It will make a cute little baby quilt with the quilting you describe.

Julierose said...

Oh--I would outline that adorable duckie with some perle cotton in a contrasting color and give him/her(??) an eye for sure--maybe a button? And this is so cute--you HAVE to finish it, Dawn!! Happiest of Easters...Julierose