Saturday, March 23, 2013

knitting is relaxing

Anyone else a jack of all trades like me? (master of none I am)
Here is an ongoing knitting project. a quick scarf. made on number 9 needles. just knit every row using two yarns held together as one.
I use it as a take along project for the dr office, while getting an oil change at the garage etc.
I like seeing how the scarf looks different

from the components............
using a homespun yarn and a coordinating fancy yarn. one skein of each

once the yarn is done, scarf done!  and it can go into the Christmas box as a giftie waiting.....
this one is about half done. I only have a little of the fancy yarn left.
then will do a small project like baby booties or something with the rest of the homespun.

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Carrie P. said...

a friend knitted me a scarf like that. pretty yarn.