Wednesday, April 24, 2013

does anyone else have one of these?

I found my trusty metal Joanns store replica......

how cute are the details? cant remember when I got it but I use it to store supplies.

and this metal tin used to hold small wine bottles.must have been a holiday thing.

another great storage idea. I put elastic and velcro in here.....handy dandy for sure.

my little store has seam rippers,buttons that have strayed (I put them in the huge button box when they have accumulated)

point turner  I got this free from one of those deals way back the magazine and get free this and that. This is a very handly little tool!

and a hera. again a free tool that came with something......nice to smooth out those seams in between pressing
how do you store little doo dads?????

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Julierose said...

Really cute tins there! I store all my "doo-dads" in my little 3-drawer bins from JoAnnes and put tags on the outside telling me what's inside each. They usually go on sale @ the store a couple times/year and I try to take advantage of that Julierose