Tuesday, April 16, 2013

even Taz doesnt look happy

still playing with Taz...
maybe can make a kitchen sink type quilt with all the gang...
I have Sylvester, Taz, Porky etc.......

and combine my scrappy 15 minutes sections?

daffy can join in too....... Dunkin looks like he want to go duck hunting..no no Dunkin...nice kitty

Or do I make sets like a big one  for the center of the quilt and the small ones for some "matching" bibs?
I guess I need a purpose for the quilt to feel what it wants.
was also thinking of each of the grandkids and how I could make them each a lapquilt for Christmas. Maybe try and match up the personalities of the cartoon with the child?
hmm......... But I am TAZ! Love love love Taz....he was always my fav...probably because I never had the courage to be as crass as he. ha ha
thhhhats all follllks!
needs to mull a litle I guess


laurajane said...

I love those cartoon caracters,great fun.Yogi Bear was always my fave.xx

Julierose said...

we always loved that Taz--I like him with his cartoon friends--Juliersoe