Thursday, April 18, 2013

he makes funny noises

Does your cat make funny noises sometimes?  the first time I heard Dunkin do this I didnt know if he was hurt or something. it is not a normal "cat" sound. At least my Phoebe never made this sound.
when Dunkin sees birds he makes this sound like he is trying to whisper to me or trying to communicate with the birds? not sure but it is funny........
he saw a bird on the porch roof out the window (see him in the pic on the corner?) the bird was chirping and so was Dunkin........TOO TOO FUNNY!
and Boy was Dunkin mad at me because when I took the picture the bird flew off. Bad Mommie! spoil all the fun!

1 comment:

Debra Lee said...

All 4 of mine do it in unison. kind of a cackling!